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Wednesday 10:00 PM on TV LAND Premiered Jun 16, 2004 In Season


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  • Is a lot better now

    They had the first three episodes Top Cars, Andy Griffith, TV Cars and they were really rushed, there was also to many celebrities but still better than the actual series that aired months after the TV Land awards in 2005. It was off till Christmas when they had a special for Christmas episodes, now that was a huge improvement because it had a lot more casts from the shows featured. It is nice seeing people talk about something they know about. The last few especially the top ten Brady Bunch are a lot better for the same reasons. I hope they keep this up as specials and don't rush the show.
  • Not good at all

    This show is terrable. How can you possable like a bunch of C list celebraties talking about their favorite stuff in a TV category. First of all, I saw it on one occasion, the wacky neighbors and didn't agree at all. The top one was Ralph Kramden, from The Honeymooners, who was just your typical idiot. Most of the voters probably haven't even seen that many shows of The Honeymooners. #2 Kramer(Seinfeld), #3 Urkal(Family Matters), and #6 Gladys Kravits(Bewithced) were all way better then Kramden. Then, in the middle of one of seemingly millions of commercials, they say that TV viewers voted and said it was Urkal who was their favorite, yet Kramden was the favorite on the show. TV Land tells you to vote, but it doesn't even matter.

    Two Words: Don't Watch