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A&E (ended 2004)


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  • That Girl
    That Girl
    Episode 6
    This TVography is about That Girl, a 1966-1971 ABC sitcom that starred Marlo Thomas. That Girl was one of the first shows to feature a independent woman, predating The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Marlo Thomas, who played 'That Girl' aka Ann Marie, comments on the show along with others connected to the series.moreless
  • Laverne & Shirley
    Laverne & Shirley
    Episode 5
    This TVography is about the hit sitcom, Laverne & Shirley, which ran from spring 1976 to May of 1983. It talks about the behind-the-screen battles on the show and the popularity of the show. It also mentions Cindy Williams aka Shirley's departure from the series in 1982.
  • The Love Boat
    The Love Boat
    Episode 4
    This TVography takes viewers aboard The Love Boat with the behind-the-scenes story of the show's creation and evolution. The program features exclusive interviews with the producers, directors, and network executive Fred Silverman, as well as the stars: Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing), Fred Grandy (Gopher), Bernie Kopell (Doc), Ted Lange (Isaac), and Jill Whelan (Vicki). There are clips from unforgettable episodes and never-before-seen home videos from the series' exotic locations to round out this inside look at the voyages of The Love Boat.moreless
  • Cheers
    Episode 3
    This TVography covers the history of the hit 1982-1993 sitcom, "Cheers". It covers how the ratings in it's first year almost caused it's cancellation--only infomercials were rated lower! It also covers the decision by Shelley Long to leave the show. This move made many critics think the series was doomed. It also talks about Ted Danson's decision to leave in 1993. With his departure, the show also departed leaving a great 11 year legacy.moreless
  • Happy Days
    Happy Days
    Episode 2
    It's been 17 years since Happy Days last aired. So, have you ever wondered what life has been for the cast members since then. And have you ever wondered what life was like on the set of this light-hearted sitcom.
  • The Brady Bunch
    The Brady Bunch
    Episode 1
    The pop-culture phenomenon that spawned variety shows, spin-offs and a cartoon is explored in this episode of TVography.
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