TVography - Season 2

A&E (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Television with a Bite
    A look at the hit horror series that made Joss Whedon a famous name. With a spin-off produced and millions of fans worldwide, TVography takes a look at Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  • The Partridge Family
    Back in the 70's, The Partridge Family was a very popular sitcom the whole family can relate to. Just over three decades later, the cast members open up to TVography.
  • Carol Burnett: Just to Have a Laugh
    Stars from the past come together to honor Carol Burnett on this weeks TVography.
  • Telly Savalas
    Telly Savalas
    Episode 11
    Even though he passed away over 8 years ago, Telly Savalas is remembered in this very special TVography.
  • Home Improvement
    Home Improvement
    Episode 10
    Tim Allen and fellow cast members talk about their time on the set of one of TV's funniest sitcoms, Home Improvement.
  • Barbara Eden
    Barbara Eden
    Episode 9
    Barbara Eden, of I Dream Of Jeannie fame, is the latest star to be the subject of TVography.
  • Charlie's Angels
    Charlie's Angels
    Episode 8
    Today, TVography looks into the world of one of TV's first action shows, Charlie's Angels.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: A Stroke of Genius
    It only aired in 2000, but Malcolm In The Middle is already a classic. Boasting a fantastic cast with the likes of Frankie Muniz, Jane Kaczmareck and Bryan Cranston, TVography explores this new-age sitcom about a boy genius in a family of misfits.
  • James Garner: Hollywood Maverick
    James Garner, the lead in Maverick, is the subject of TVography this week. Even though he has been around for a long time, Garner has an exciting story to tell, and Bill and Harry are there to present it.
  • Lee Majors: Hollywood's Bionic Hero
    TVography talks about Lee Majors, whose claim to fame was as Steve Austin, the lead character in The Six Million Dollar Man.
  • Tim Conway: Just Clowning Around
    This TVography focuses on Tim Conway.The veteran actor opens up to Bill Mumy and Harry Smith about everything you wanted to know about the actor who shot to fame portraying the dim-witted Dorf.
  • The Wonder Years: Comedy Coming of Age
    Todays episode looks into one of the first dramedies, The Wonder Years. The show that launched Fred Savage's career had a impressive 6 seasons, but behind the scenes, there was more going on then many thought. Also, where are all the castmates now? Find out tonight on TVography.
  • Suzanne Somers: Mastering Success
    This TVography is about the life of Suzanne Somers (1946- ), who was raised in a household with a alcoholic father. It tells about how Suzanne was kicked out of private school for writing 'erotic' love letters and her marriage and divorce from Bruce Somers. The TVography also talks about Somers' firing from Three's Company, and how she has re-invented herself as an author and fitness queen.moreless
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Making It After All
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show debuted on TV in 1970. How has life been for the shows stars since then? Well, if you are still wondering, join Bill Mumy and Harry Smith as they find out about all the gossip on this classic sitcom.