Twelve O'Clock High

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 06, 1964 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The crew of the "Lucky Lady" includes Temple (pilot), Kinnear, Weinstock, Nichols & Moody.

    • The radio operator (Guthrie) is killed & the co-pilot is either killed or wounded. Temple's co-pilot is played by Bob Dornan (uncredited) who will later be a recurring character as Lieutenant/Captain Bob Fowler, Gallagher's co-pilot.

    • Savage asks for the Intelligence Officer, Major Herrick but we do not see him. He talks with Colonel Ferguson at Lochley to send out the P-47 recon plane.

    • We can assume that Temple is a Squadron Commander as he leads the Low Squadron on the mission to bomb Laon. His serial number is 01495438 and his plane is "The Lucky Lady", call sign Boy Scout 1.

    • This will be Temples 25th mission, and Savage tells him that he could have a staff job and a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. Temple replies that he has worked to hard to stay a Major, and does not want to fly a desk.

    • Savage has known Temple since 1926. He and Temple were on the West Point Boxing Team and Temple clobbered him in their first bout.

    • The voice actor who does the radio announcement by Lord Haw Haw was perfect, right down to his trademark "This is Germany Calling, This is Germany Calling".

    • General Wiley Crowe once bought a fishing reel manufactured at Laon, he said it was "beautiful" and very intricate.

    • When Harvey gets the new set of darts he knocks the old ones to the floor and they inexplicably land in a perfect 4 square pattern around a stain on the floor.

    • Savage then used his "straight & slow" technique to drop a dart right in the center of the stain. Then he & Harvey run out of the building to operations, leaving the darts stuck in the floor!

    • According to Major General Wiley Crowe the factory before the war made fishing equipments, such as fishing reels.  It is now suppose to be working on the gyroscope parts for the flying bombs (V2).

    • The date of the episode is June 15, 1942, which comes from a letter seen during the epilogue section.

    • Brig. General Savage loved to box during his time at West Point.

  • Quotes

    • Major Jack Temple: (to General Savage) You have to learn how to bleed on the inside, when you wear that star, don't you?

  • Notes

    • The co-pilot for Major Jack Temple is an uncredited Bob Dornan. He will later appear as a recurring character in the season as Lt. and then later Captain Bob Fowler, Brig. General Savage's co-pilot.

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