Twelve O'Clock High

ABC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Hunters and the Killers
      Rated: TV G Gallagher runs into the U.S. Navy flag officer with a chip on his shoulder given to him by Gallagher's two star U.S. Army Air Corp Father. They must work together to save not only their own men, but the war in the South Atlantic. The epilogue provides a wrap up for the series, at least in the short term.moreless
    • A Long Time Dead
      A Long Time Dead
      Episode 16
      The episode opens in a bombing run over Germany in Colonel Gallagher's plane with Major Stovall riding as co-pilot. Captain Dula (new to the squadron) is acting as Navigator, while he awaits the decision of a flight review board (as he lost his last plane, less than 10 days ago). Anti-aircraft fire hits the plane knocking out Gallagher, Stovall (wounding him badly), and killing the Bombardier. Komanski takes over the controls, until Captain Dula orders him (twice) to give them up and orders him back to his gun position. Komanski ignores the order to his gun position and instead works to save Major Stovall's life. Dula has the radio operator enter into the log a charge of mutiny, which is punishable by death. It is Komanski's birthday and after his party, he receives a letter from a POW about Dula's last mission as a pilot. It all comes to a head by the end of the episode.moreless
    • Graveyard
      Episode 15
      On a Shuttle Mission to bomb Fredricksburg then land in Foggia Italy, General Chandler leads the whole wing. Gallagher's plane is hit and the Bombardier, Navigator, and the Ball Turret Gunner are killed, and General Chandler & the Radioman are wounded; Another gunner is killed bailing out. They crash land at Sabina Island Control. They are aided at the base by it's commander, Major Glenn Luke a medical officer, and the sole enlisted man, Staff Sergeant Conklin. The base also has 4 German prisoners. On the ground Chandler, Komansky, Pargon and the Radioman are picked up by Major Luke. Gallagher and one of the waist gunners Sergeant Shadrack Ellis are still unaccounted for. A German fighter pilot, Hauptman Holtke, is shot down as well. He sneaks into camp following Sergeant Shadrack Ellis and kills him along with Pargon & Conklin. Holke takes Chandler hostage and takes over the base. We learn Major Luke is really a former signal corps officer named Jim Prince, a pacifist who was reduced to Private for not wanting to kill.moreless
    • The Duel at Mont Sainte Marie
      Gallagher parachutes onto a Mountain to get a group of Nuns to move so the Mountain can be bombed.
    • Six Feet Under
      Six Feet Under
      Episode 13
      A reconnaissance team breaks through the German lines and head 10 miles deep into enemy territory and captures a German underground command center. Allied headquarters thinks it is the Argenteau Air Six Air Defense Headquarters for the German Luftwaffe. As Colonel Gallagher and Sergent Komanski are already in the area looking for forward air bases, headquarters dispatches them to investigate. The Germans, though, are doing all they can to retake the headquarters. Will ground reinforcements arrive in time and what, if anything, can Gallagher's 918th Bomb Group do to help?moreless
    • The Ace
      The Ace
      Episode 12
      Colonel Harry Connelly is up for the Medal of Honor for the pinpoint bombing of a Radar station without hitting the church next door in Italy. Connelly has done 43 skip bombing missions in Europe and the Pacific. In Adelberg the Germans have a group of scientists working on the Atomic Bomb. All around them they have placed POW's including high ranking officers. Connelly is currently doing Transitional Training in London and is called on do one last precision bombing mission. Connelly & Gallagher decide on a plan. One man mission in a B-25 will bomb the target while the rest of the Group acts a diversion. In training Connelly misses the target twice then hits it 6 times dead on. On the mission the pond Connelly was using as his IP is missing, he drops on wrong house killing some Allied officers. Axis Sally broadcasts the news, Connelly cracks, hits Gallagher. General Britt orders Gallagher to "get that building" by saturation bombing which will kill the POWs as well. On the second mission Gallagher flies a B-25 5 minutes ahead of the Group and if successful, the mission will be called off otherwise the Group led by Chandler will saturation bomb the target.moreless
    • Burden of Guilt
      Burden of Guilt
      Episode 11

      TV Rating: TV-PG: Major General Fox is putting pressure on Brigadier General Doud to bomb the Sub Pens at Nordensholm. They have bombed 3 times and hit the wrong targets, Doud as the Wing Commander takes responsibility and vows to get them. Colonel Hollenbeck has been leading the 52nd Bomb Group, Doud replaces him and reassigns him as G-3 and sends him to the 918th to prepare them for an attack against Nordensholm. Hollenbeck as senior Colonel wants to lead the mission and delays calling Gallagher back from leave. Gallagher arrives but General Doud agrees with Hollenbeck leading the mission. They bomb the correct target, but it is not the Sub Pens. The camera plane piloted by Major's Werth & Stovall is hit and Werth killed. Against orders Stovall breaks formation to photograph a sub he sees leaving a different area. Shot down, the camera & film are lost along with 4 crew members. Harvey Stovall & 5 men are picked up in the North Sea. Back at base, Colonel Hollenbeck wants Stovall court-martialed for insubordination.

    • To Seek and Destroy
      A V-1 rocket crashes in Sweden. The allies want to get it. They recruit a rocket expert Group Captain Anthony Carmichael. Carmichael is in civilian clothes in the Star & Bottle and he and Sandy have a tiff. Sandy finds him drunk later passed out on a bench. On the mission, Gallagher, Carmichael & Komansky fly to Sweden in an unmarked plane. They have engine trouble and the compass fails so they follow a German plane in. The German plane is a diplomatic courier which carries the designer of the V-1 guidance system, Dr Tanzman and Oberst Ulrich. They are also there to retrieve the rocket as well. Carmicheal drinks too much and reveals his mission to Swensen, a German operative.moreless
    • The Fighter Pilot

      Rated: TV-PG: 9 new planes & crews arrive at Archbury. Aboard are some WACS assigned to Wing HQ led by Staff Sergeant Margo Demarest who is an old friend of Gallagher. Three Ace fighter pilots (Clinton, Dejohn, and Rausch) from the Pacific are ferrying some new P-51 to the 511th Fighter Squadron. Two (Rausch & Dejohn) buzz the airfield to impress Margo and Gallagher is furious. They want to be assigned to the 511th, and the Squadron CO, Major Davidson, wants them but informs them that he is under Gallagher's orders. Major Davidson and the 3 pilots see Gallagher who asks for there orders. Dejohn explains that their orders are in their B4 bags. Gallagher assigns them temporarily (TDY) to the 918th. It turns out that they do actually have orders which split them up and they want to stay together, so they are trying to get assigned to the 511th . They need fake orders to assign them to England and Dejohn asks Margo to write orders for the trio. After he tells her that he loves her, she agrees. All 3 end up giving fighter indoctrination to the new crews, and Dejohn gets the opportunity to fly a simulated fighter attack against the new Bombers.

    • The Pariah
      The Pariah
      Episode 8

      Rated: TV G Sandy, who is out on a date notices a single German aircraft flying overhead. On his way back to the base, with his girl, he almost runs down a Master Sergeant looking for the 918th, who has a German accent. Sandy takes this Master Sergeant into custody and brings him to Col. Gallagher, who his briefing his Squadron commanders. Gallagher dismisses the MP and orders Sandy to untie the Master Sergeant. He tells Sandy the NCO is from G2 Intelligence. In reality he is a German defector who now has American citizenship and enlisted in the American Army. He has direct experience the Americans need to take out the Muhlendorf Stetten engine factory complex.

      After knocking out the engine factory, Gallagher's plane has so much damage and lost enough fuel it can't get home. After considering several alternatives, Col Gallagher decides to try for the Russian lines. Falling short by only a few miles, he lands in a field controlled by the Germans, though, the Russians do see him land. Gallagher orders the Lawson to destroy the bomb sight and a German officer orders him to stop. He successfully completes the task, but at his own life.

      The German's executive officer is a SS Major who has no interest in the rules of war, only for what serves Hitler and the party. Thus he looks at the master Sergeant Schultz as a traitor and spy (even though legally he's an American and an American enlisted solider). He order all of the American flyers shot. Tune in to see how it turns out; who lives and who dies; how does Col. Gallagher and Sandy get home or do they get home?

    • The All-American
      The All-American
      Episode 7
      Ted Master's an all American Athlete is assigned to the 918th. He comes equipped with his own Press Officer. Wants to fly, Gallagher assigns him as Assistant Adjutant. Captain King makes an emergency belly landing and Ted poses in front of Captain King's downed aircraft. Gallagher checks him out, assigns him as an alternate co-pilot. He is assigned to King's aircraft operating the bomb run camera. During the mission most of the crew is wounded including the pilot and Master's lands the plane. He rescues the crew by pulling them from the burning aircraft. He also saves the bombing film.moreless
    • Practice to Deceive
      Gallagher is shot down in a Mustang on a secret mission. Col Gibbons takes over command of the 918th. Conspiracy is led by Admiral von Kreuter (with Berthold, Shullendorf, Straser) to kill Hitler and negotiate a separate peace.
    • A Distant Cry
      A Distant Cry
      Episode 5
      A flight instructor goes to war.
    • Fortress Weisbaden
      The RAF(& USAAF) is getting pounded by very concentrated flak over Weisbaden, the latest Squadron has been wiped out. General Britt visits Gallagher to tell him that RAF Air Vice Marshal Kingsford is out for Gallagher's head, the target must be destroyed or Britt will replace Gallagher. On the next mission the 918th looses 11 aircraft out of 21. It turns out that there is a radar directed Fire Control Station in the area. A team of 8 British commandoes, led by Major Mallory will parachute in and blow it up. After dropping the commandoes, Gallagher's B-17 is shot down, his co-pilot is killed, and only he and Komansky meet up with the commando unit. One of the commandoes, Pte. Cane is badly wounded by a German patrol and is left behind with an "interrogation pill" which is really an "L(eathal) pill". Mallory makes it clear to Gallagher that he and Komansky are unwelcome "glamour flyboys". Mallory, his remaining 6 commandoes, Gallagher & Komansky head to the home of Kurt von Heurtzel a German contact. The home is deserted save for a barking dog quickly dispatched by Higgins.moreless
    • Face of a Shadow
      Face of a Shadow
      Episode 3
      The 918th is now temporarily part of the 15th Air Force. They fly to a base at Bellagio Foggia Italy commanded by Colonel Yates. Yates is a drunk. Sabotage led by Major Holtzer. Shull is killed.
    • Massacre
      Episode 2
      A shuttle raid is planned by 8th Air Force commander Lieutenant General Harry Owen. Bombers will bomb Ergen Oil Works land in Poltava Russia, then hit Berlin on the way back. A straggling Russian Bomber joins the formation and does not give any recognition signals nor does it respond to Baladin's radio calls. The aircraft is shot down by Major Baladin flying Major Simpson's plane (against Gallagher's orders). Later we learn that the aircraft was piloted by a hero, Major Tobulkan & Captain Chernikov. General Voredenko wants to know who is responsible for this and says that until the man is caught no supplies will be issued. It is the system. Worried that Voredenko will have him shot, Baladin asks Donald "Doc" Kaiser for help.moreless
    • Gauntlet of Fire
      Gauntlet of Fire
      Episode 1
      The 918th Group has just finished 21 missions in the 30 days since May 1, 1944. They have been bombing for Operation Point, the lead up to Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy. A 10 day leave is authorized then cancelled and instead they are assigned to fly the Overleaf missions, dropping leaflets all over the French coast. Everyone is exhausted from Gallagher on down. General Pritchard tells General Britt that they need all groups in the air. Britt explains he only has two flyable Groups left, 918th & 966th, he has used the 82nd to replace men & aircraft for the other Groups. Later at Wing, General Britt explains to Gallagher that this could be the "real thing". Gallagher says he has heard that before. Britt also tells Gallagher that the G-3 is moving up and the position could go to Gallagher if he wants it. On the first "Overleaf" mission to Youreville, they get hit by flak and Pat Barstow's ship gets shot down. Back on the ground, Lieutenant Col. Christy is upset over losing a good friend and Gallagher decides that he will lead the next few missions himself. The 918th have only 16 serviceable aircraft & 24 available pilots. Flying 4 missions a day is wearing down both planes and men. Fights break out and the men are surly, General Britt arrives in the middle of a fight between two mechanics and tells Gallagher he had better get his group under control or be replaced.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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