Twelve O'Clock High

Season 1 Episode 19

Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 29, 1965 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Sergeant Aronson: (to Brig. General Savage) One with faith, one without . . . Take my brother-in-law first. This man cheats on his income tax, -- and he cheats on his wife, my sister. He's never set foot in a synagogue in his life. He drinks like a fish and with what results? He's a millionaire! . . . If it takes nerve to be a sinner then I'll get the nerve . . . !

  • Notes

    • Sorrell Booke (Sergeant Aronson) worked in counterintelligence during the Korean War, where his five lingual talents served him well.

    • The Star & Bottle is mentioned but has recently been bombed and is closed.

    • The Jewish Military Chaplain is Rabbi Rosen from London.

    • Kaiser's mentor Dr. Simon Lewis was serving in Casablamca, North Africa.

    • Saul Barstein's wife is Sylvia. Hershel Aaronson is a learned man & a 30 year old virgin & Ivy Westcott is a 29 year old virgin; they go to see Zorro with Tyronne Power & Linda Darnell.

    • Harvey Stovall's & Joe Cobb's blood types are 0, Savage & Aaronson's blood types are AO. General Crowe speaks to Pritchard on the phone.

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