Twelve O'Clock High

Season 1 Episode 16

In Search of My Enemy

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 08, 1965 on ABC

Episode Recap

Major Peter Gray and his wife Ann arrive at the 918th. Savage knows Ann as Ann Goss and was going to marry her a year ago. At Wing HQ, a WAC in photo reconnaissance points out something suspicious on a map, and because she says it reminds her of a Michellene (Mechlin) Lace pattern Savage dubs the investigation photo reconnaissance mission "Operation Spelling Bee". As Major Jake Hays is still laid up with a fractured knee, Savage chooses Gray to lead and tells him it is a milk run. The mission is to bomb the rail yards at Saint Edouard, then fly over the camouflaged area for photo reconnaissance. Gray is jealous of Savage's former relationship with his wife and feels that Savage assigned him this mission on purpose. It turns out that the camouflaged area at Saint Edouard are really launching sites for new V-2 bombs and German fighters are around in droves. Only 12 of 20 of the planes return from the photo reconnaissance mission. On the next mission to Saint Edouard, Savage leads a 4 group mission. Savages protégé Hays is badly wounded and co-pilot Grenfall wants to return to base as he knows if Hays gets medical attention he will live. Savage orders him to keep going , they bomb the target successfully and Hays dies.
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