Twelve O'Clock High

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • An excellent War drama.

    Unlike most shows about the military, which are full of crap, this show stuck very close to fact and the way it really was in the military. One of my favorite shows.
  • Too young to really remember the first run, but...

    8.5 sister and Dad used to watch all the time. It was showing on The History Channel here a couple of years back and I recorded all of them. I really enjoyed the whole series and particularly the black and white episodes. Black and while always lends atmosphere to this kind of show. Too bad they had to go colour in the last season...
    I personally much preferred the seasons with Paul Burke (Col. Joe Gallagher), though for some reason I do have a strong recollection of my Dad saying that Robert Lansing (Gen. Savage) was more realistic in his performance as a commander. Frank Overton (Maj. Harvey Stovall) reminds me of my Dad... :o}
    I loved the archival footage they used in the series and it was a great deal of fun to see all the guest stars who went through the three years and became big stars in their own right.
  • Info about TWELVE O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'CLOCK HIGH and otherWWII Tv Series here is some backround. Twelve O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'clock high the tv series was tv\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s second longest Running World War II TV Show that ran from 1964-1967 for 3 Seasons with

    I have Watched the movie Twelve O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Clock High and will be doing episode reviews and my website you can check out with my yahoo group page the home page address is
    and the yahoo group is any how I have always had debate on the tvseries.