Twelve O'Clock High - Season 1

ABC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • The Hero
    The Hero
    Episode 32
    A Legendary World War I fighter ace acting as a Ferry Pilot arrives at Archbury on his way to SHAEF HQ.
  • P.O.W. (2)
    P.O.W. (2)
    Episode 31
    Savage kidnaps Oberst Richter while escaping with Forrester, Regis, "Baby", "Doc" & "Moxey". "Baby", Regis & Forrester are killed. Savage, "Doc" & "Moxey" make it back to England via a ship with the resistance help of Dr Erlich. Along the way Savage is forced to kill Richter.
  • P.O.W. (1)
    P.O.W. (1)
    Episode 30
    Savage is shot down and he and his officers, "Baby", "Doc" & "Moxey" are sent to Luftstalag 12.
  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta
    Episode 29
    General Hoagland has just been assigned from the States and accuses Savage of targetting because of a vendetta.
  • The Cry of Fallen Birds
    Savage and the Piccadilly Lily are coming in damaged & low from a mission to Blaustadt. On the approach they almost hit some trees and a mansion which is on the approach to the new runway.
  • The Mission
    The Mission
    Episode 27
    Savage and the Piccadilly Lily are given a special mission to bomb an oil line in the Säär Valley.
  • Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet
    Major Andy Towson, an exceptional pilot & squadron C.O. cracks up after landing. He is a friend of Savages and has flown about same amount of missions as Savage and has always been a rock. Lt. Kemp, Towson's co-pilot, has plans to sit the war out in Switzerland and plans on flying there.moreless
  • The Threat
    The Threat
    Episode 25
    Axis Sally is broadcasting some very accurate information about the 918th. Including that Savage is going to be killed.
  • The End of the Line
    The End of the Line
    Episode 24
    A Squadron Commander, Major Joe Gallagher scrubs himself from a mission and his replacement Captain Larry Hollander is killed. Gallagher feels responsible and goes to meet Hollander's girl May.
  • The Trap
    The Trap
    Episode 23
    While working on a plan to bomb Strassbourg, Savage gets trapped in a cellar during an Air Raid.
  • The Ticket
    The Ticket
    Episode 22
    A Kentucky farm boy who takes risks and volunteers for a all special missions.
  • The Clash
    The Clash
    Episode 21
    General Savage is shot down while on a bomb run to the Sub Penn's at Trondheim. The only survivor of his crew, he ends up in a life raft with a Luftwaffe ME-109 Pilot.
  • To Heinie, with Love
    A new navigator displays personality traits that could endanger both missions and crews.
  • Faith, Hope and Sergeant Aronson
    Before a big mission, Savage is injured with a piece of shrapnel by his heart and consigned to the hospital.
  • The Lorelei
    The Lorelei
    Episode 18
    Crowe assigns Colonel Royce as Deputy Group Commander. On his arrival he goes out to meet "Lorelei" piloted by Lieutenant Josephs and finds all the crew dead.
  • The Albatross
    The Albatross
    Episode 17
    Kane completed his 25 missions and is going back to the States on a Public Relations Tour. He will be performing in Winged Victory and wants to resume his career as an actor after the War.
  • In Search of My Enemy
    Major Peter Gray and his wife Ann arrive at the 918th. Savage knows Ann as Ann Goss and was going to marry her a year ago.
  • Those Who Are About to Die

    After receiving the mission details for a high risk mission (to knock out an aircraft plant in Rhone Valley), the 918th has a 3 day weather hold. The mission has an expected causality rate of at least (minimum 33.34%. This episode examines how the men of the 918th bomb group handle the pressure of knowing death awaits them without the distraction of carrying out a mission.

  • An Act of War
    An Act of War
    Episode 14
    The group returns from a bomb run the air frame factory at Metz. The leader, Major Cobb reports complete destruction of the target, but the Intelligence officer Major Herrick says the factory is still operating.
  • The Suspected
    The Suspected
    Episode 13
    Reporter Clifford Moran believes that Jim Driscoll is really a convicted killer from St Louis named George Kern Turner.
  • Soldiers Sometimes Kill

    After loosing his memory Brigadier General Frank Savage is found wandering around Berkley Square south Grosvenor Street by Lieutenant Ryan. After being examined by Major "Doc" Kaiser, he reads in the paper that Barbara Talbot was murdered in London. Later Inspector Thorne and Sergeant Padget from the CID come to see Brigadier General Frank Savage. They found a lighter with a 918th crest in Barbara's flat. Brigadier General Frank Savage is missing his lighter and he has no memory of night in question. He starts to retrace his steps to the Redgraves Club then to Barbara's flat. It turns out that Redgraves is a blackmailer & spy, he uses women like Barbara to lure important people into compromising situations. Brigadier General Frank Savage realizes that Redgraves killed Barbara and that Padgett works for Redgraves. Frank confronts Regraves, and as Regraves is about to kill Brigadier General Frank Savage, he is shot and wounded by Inspector Thorne. Next mission will be to Saarbrücken .

  • Here's to Courageous Cowards

    TV Rating: TV-PG: This episode deals with two members of the 918 who for their own reasons are coming to grip with their role in combat. Corporal Russell Lawrence. a clerk in the 918 Group Office, is starting out and taking the rocky path (as General Savage calls it). Major Morse is trying to hang on to his combat leadership role, but is so worn out it could be costing the lives of the men under his command.

    "Here's to Courageous Cowards" is a look at the hard decisions soldiers of all ranks must make in finding and deciding their personal place. It is also a look at the difficulties superior officers go through in helping the men under their command come to the right decision for the military and themselves.

    Tune in (or watch on DVD) this episode to see how General Savage deals with these two men and helps them both make the right decision for their individual situation.

  • Interlude
    Episode 10

    Upon returning from a mission we learn General Savage lost his best friend of 17 years (Joe Farrell) and can't feel anything. Upon hearing this fact, General Crowe orders General Savage to go on leave, "as far away as possible without deserting." When General Savage balks, General Crowe makes it a direct order; General Savage is to leave, the base today, on leave.

    Arriving at the local train station, General Savage purchases a ticket to the farthest place away. The ticket salesman says the furthest place is an island off of Scotland (Inverness) and he buys the ticket (rail and ship). Meanwhile at the railway station a Wren officer (female Naval officer) is on her way home (on the same island) for medical leave. Each officer has their own set of loyal enlisted men with them who find them the best coach on the train. Turns out they end up together and at first don't get along. Over time, though, they work things out.

    Tune in and watch the episode this episode and see things develop between these two people.

  • Appointment at Liege
    Major Gus Denver returns to the 918th from the States. While he was away on special instructor duty at Langley, his original crew was shot down over Liege and all were killed.
  • The Hours Before Dawn
    The 918th is assigned in top secrecy to bomb Dortmund. The only one who has the details is Savage.
  • Decision
    Episode 7

    Rated: TV PG: General Savage must decide how to bomb a site that is using downed airmen and officers of the 918 as hostages. This is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War by the Germans. The American crew don't like to be sitting ducks and act both to escape and assist in bombing the most valuable part of the factory even if it means their lives. Tune in to see how Major Jack Temple and his crew handle the situation and General Savage's response.

  • Pressure Point
    Pressure Point
    Episode 6
    Senator Clay Johnson wants to shut down the long range bombing program because of high aircraft & manpower losses.
  • The Climate of Doubt
    General Crowe is waiting for Savage to return from a mission, he notices that when the aircraft "High Flyer" lands an ambulance rush out to meet it.
  • The Sound of Distant Thunder
    Rated: TV G Episode SummarAndy Lathrop is an unsophisticated Tennessee boy. Flying as Savage's lead bombardier, he saves Savage's life, gets promoted to 1st Lieutenant, and gets recommended for the DFC.
  • The Men and the Boys
    Rated: TV G Captain Wade Ritchie disobeys orders and flies cover with his B-17. Back on the ground Savage tells Ritchie he is going to charge him with disobeying an order
  • Follow the Leader
    Follow the Leader
    Episode 2
    Rated: TV G Savage wants the 918th to try a new technique, bombing on the leader.
  • Golden Boy Had Nine Black Sheep
    Rated: TV G Captain Joe Gallagher aborts twice in a row bringing him to the attention of General Savage.