Twelve O'Clock High - Season 2

ABC (ended 1967)



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Episode Guide

  • Siren Voices
    Siren Voices
    Episode 29
    On a bombing mission to Focke Wulfe Factory in Marienberg, East Prussia the 918th is attached by fighters and loose 9 AC & 100 men. The 966th was hit the same way yesterday. Gallagher's radioman overhears the German and Gallagher gets the idea of trying to confuse the Germans by broadcasting on that frequency. . When the group lands they find out that everything on the mission was broadcast by the "Danzig Lady". Sandy is dating an English girl, Helen Graham. Seeing her react badly to the "Danzig Lady" , Her father is a retired Major in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Helen Graham is really Helen Conboy and her sister Patricia Conboy is the "Danzig Lady". Sandy reports it. British Intelligence says it will ask an agent to find out the information. The agent speaks to their contact, a waiter who is being watched by the Gestapo. The waiter is killed by Gestapo agents.moreless
  • Day of Reckoning
    Day of Reckoning
    Episode 28
    A German unit bombs the 918th's base in Archbury, among the dead are a group of new replacements and a WRAF Sergeant Winifred Broome. The Chaplain anguished over the dead but most especially Winifred, shoots and kills a Luftwaffe survivor parachuting down to the ground
  • Cross-Hairs on Death
    A cashiered pilot slips in for another try.
  • The Hollow Man
    The Hollow Man
    Episode 26
    An escaped POW, 1st Lieutenant Wally Bolen returns to the 918th after 5 months of captivity. He is welcomed by Komansky and promoted to Captain by Gallagher. At the officer's club, they are having a welcome back party; his "girl" Ruth is there along with Ken Shaw, a press corps journalist and his buddy Chuck Nielson. Also there are Captains Lewis & Stewart, former fighter pilots. Bolen wants to fly again and gets checked out by Gallagher. The Group is going to be bombing Battenheim again. They will be sending a pathfinder group of 3 in at a low altitude to mark the target. Gallagher chooses Bolen as Flight Leader, and Lewis & Stuart who both have low level experience. On a practice mission, Bolen orders Lewis & Stewart to close up, Stewart flies to close and collides with Bolen's aircraft. Bolen freezes and his plane hits Lewis' plane. Stewart's B-17 crashes, the entire crew is killed and they injure a civilian, the Rector of the Archbury Church. Bolen orders his crew to bail and everyone does except Navigator Neilson and Flight Engineer Komansky who helps Bolen belly land the plane. Bolen's co-pilot is killed when his chute does not open. Back on the ground, Bolen cracks up and starts reliving the torture he suffered again. Dr. Douglas thinks he needs psychological help. Bolen cracks completely when his Stan Neilson takes a turn for the worse.moreless
  • Decoy
    Episode 25
    In Scotland Gallagher meets with Major General Hardy about a Ranger mission and Gallagher comes up with an air support plan. Returning from Scotland via an Air Transport B-17, they are shot down over the North Sea. Of the two man crew, Captain Tom Powell, and Staff Sergeant Johnny Miller only Powell survives along with Gallagher. They put up the radio transmitter, no luck. They find an island (Seagull Rock) to land on. A B-17 Weather Plane hears them and so does a fishing trawler. So too does a German U-Boat. Gallagher ditches his briefcase. Powell surrenders, Gallagher gets captured, and they get taken to the U-Boat.moreless
  • Angel Babe
    Angel Babe
    Episode 24
    B-17 "Angel Babe" is returning from a perfect mission to Willemshaven as the Group Lead. Flight Engineer Willets explains that when "Angel Babe" leads they always come home safe. On the ground Major Stovall waits with a team from the Public Relations Office (PRO) who are filming & photographing the plane which has completed its 49th mission. They want to take the plane back to the US for a promotional tour as it will be the first in the Eight AF to complete 50 missions. The Flight Engineer, Technical Sergeant Willets thinks that "Angel Babe" is a fighter and she won't want to go home this way. The PRO team will fly on the next mission, her last and some of her crew including Willets, Harkness and the two pilots think that "Angel Babe" is their lucky charm. The plane blows a tire and aborts the mission. When they land Willets hits Cameraman Staff Sergeant Ben Prinzi to keep him from going back in the plane, because of the live bombs. Major Budd the PRO feels that the crew is trying to sabotage the plane so the PRO will not take her back to US. The crew is tense, a gunner Harker wants to pop Prinzi. On the next mission to Willemshaven, "Angel Babe" starts buffeting and looses number 3 engine. They abort and return to base, the crew is now convinced that the plane has used up her luck. The next mission is to Emden and as the crew arrives, Prinzi refuses to board, then so does the whole crew. Gallagher arrives and decides that he will pilot "Angel Babe" while Drennan will act as co-pilot of "Piccadilly Lilly" under Captain Fowler.moreless
  • The Survivor
    The Survivor
    Episode 23
    On a mission after hitting the target a bombing runs, Captain Bradovich's B-17 experiences engine trouble. Tourneau drops back to aide him. Bradovich reports him for lack of air discipline. Talks with Harvey. Goes to officers club and his co-pilot Stan Ainsley tries to get him to join in. He does not but meets Sarah instead. On the next mission, his plane is hit, and Ainsley is wounded. Bradovich orders crew bail out, they do but only Bradovich returns and the other aircraft only see one chute before the plane disappears into the clouds. They locate his crashed aircraft, two bodies, and no survivors that they can find. His new crew is Dickey, Williams, and Flight Engineer Brack. Brack has a "head cold" and replaced by Komansky who volunteers. In the air the crew snubs Bradovich, and Komansky understanding that Bradovich is a loner like him, chews out the crew and supports him. Back on the ground, Bradovich finds a tipsy Sarah in the Denby Lion with Lieutenant Tourneau. A drunken Tourneau gets fresh with Sally Blodgett and she snacks him (3 times) with her handbag. Not wanting to get Sarah in trouble, Bradovich takes full responsibility.moreless
  • Twenty-Fifth Mission
    After completing On his 25th mission, Major Tom Parsons is going home. At Wing HQ General Britt is chewing out his Group Commander (Fred, Gallagher & ?). Sveringen is the production centre for the new ME-262 rocket powered fighter. They have tried to bomb several times and failed. Gallagher suggests nighttime precision bombing. Britt says the RAF have tried and failed. Gallagher suggests sending in a pathfinder to mark the target by dropping incendiaries on either side. Gallagher picks Parsons to fly the pathfinder mission; he refuses as he has completed his tour. At the officers club Parsons meets his former co-pilot Captain Cowley who has just got out of the hospital. Cowley asks about Parsons girl, Naomi. Is he taking her back to the States with him? Parsons is non-committal. Gallagher orders Cowley to fly the pathfinder mission and gets Parsons to train him. General Britt has been reviewing Parsons orders to rotate back the States; he finds that Parsons has only flown milk runs, every time there is a deep penetration mission he aborts. Britt is angry and finds that Parsons has comes up short on one of his missions, as the distance was to short to qualify. He needs to fly one more mission. The next mission is a diversion run over the Seine. Thinking the Major's luck has run out, all the gunners carry extra ammunition in addition to the full bomb load. Parson's has to abort. Not realizing why his plane blew an engine, back on the ground, an angry Parsons tries to slug his crew chief but slugs his bombardier instead.moreless
  • Back to the Drawing Board
    The Dulabine Shipyard bombing mission is turned back due to overcast. On the ground in Emstad, the German commander, Oberst Erhland is frustrated that he can not attack due to fighter maintenance problems. It will be at least 5 days before the weather overcast clears. Erhland orders Hauptman Schmidt, his maintenance officer to take the time to repair his fighters (18 are in need of repair, 7 are unserviceable). Erhland also talks with his Radar Officer Hauptman Schiller. Back at the 918th's Base, General Britt is waiting and introduces Gallagher to Dr Michael Rink from the Signal Corps. He has a new airborne radar device called Bomb through Overcast (BTO) Radar. Three aircraft sortie on a test mission to bomb Duronde, the BTO performs perfectly and they get an 80% success rate over the target. Dr. Rink has a heart condition and collapses as they complete the mission and his assistant Master Sergeant Zemler has to take over. On the ground, the Germans try and figure out how the Americans are bombing, Schiller thinks they may be bombing by radar. Erhland takes his 5 working fighters up to attack the B-17's but has no success. All three B-17s return safely. They christen a new B-17 "Rink's Raidar" in honour of the success. Over the next 3 days they successfully bomb Rocheville, Emstad & Rocheville(again). On the next mission to Zeupthin, the German Radar under Schiller triangulates their position and they groups is badly mauled by flak. In "Rinks Raidar" the lead Pilot, Major Rice and the bombardier, Lieutenant Gurney are killed and BTO operator Master Sergeant Zemler is hit in the face. Co-pilot Captain Fowler takes over. He and Komansky land the plane. The Group loose 12 aircraft (6 before the bomb run,4 after, 1 ditched in Channel & 1 "Rinks Raidar" on landing). Zemler thinks that the Germans are honing in on the airborne radar.moreless
  • The Outsider
    The Outsider
    Episode 20
    Mission to bomb a refinery & fuel storage area at Kasendorf. A pilot from the 53rd Fighter Squadron, Lieutenant Harley Wilson hits Gallagher's plane while trying to shoot an enemy fighter. Wilson is very eager to fit in, he feels like an outsider and hitting the Colonels plane doesn't help. The young pilot has been trying to get a kill for two months. He goes to the Star & Bottle where he is snubbed by Sandy, tries to chat up Agnes the Barmaid but she is too busy, and even tries to ask out Captain Vincent not realizing she is Gallagher's date. He volunteers for the next mission, a photo recon over Kasendorf. On the Photo recon mission, Gallagher blows a jug while flying a P-51 and has to bail out. Wilson disobeys orders, breaks off & lands while being strafed by enemy fighters and saves Gallagher. He is put in for the DFC and becomes a "hero". Later in the Star & Bottle, he is cheered by the group and gets to talk with some Reporters (Harkness, Toley, and Barnes) The Photo Recon shows that the storage tanks are really 2000 yards south For the next mission, General Pritchard promises Gallagher every ship in the wing and all the fighters he can muster. 53rd Fighter Squadron. Wilson really wants to make a name for himself; he breaks off again and gets a kill. Because he broke away, Mikler get shot down.moreless
  • Which Way the Wind Blows
    Due to cloud cover over the target, the 918th led by Major Fitzsimmons is unable to bomb Kiel. They abort loosing 7 planes. Back at base Gallagher makes an angry complaint to General Britt who has a solution, a new Group Weather Officer. The new officer is a woman, Captain Patricia Bates. She is a former Meteorology Professor from UIT who has a new approach to Weather Forecasting. They have dinner with her and her assistant Lieutenant Rogers. The next day Gallagher flies with her in Weather 1, a modified B-17 with only a top turret gun, built for speed. On the mission, the B-17 takes off with Rogers as Meteorologist, gets shot up and Rogers is wounded. The plane comes in on its belly, Bates is upset and wants to quit. Britt orders Gallagher to order her to fly the next mission. Gallagher tells her they need her so she flies with Captain Blodget and finds a path through the storm but the plane is iced up and has to ditch in the channel. Gallagher goes to find her, which he does. The Rescue 20 plane finds the first raft with Bates on it, then goes to find the next raft which drifted west. Bates speaks with Gallagher and is angry that all he wants is her weather report, but he gets the information. Back at base they fly the mission.moreless
  • Underground
    Episode 18
    While on a bombing raid, Gallagher realizes that he has bombed a decoy target they need to bomb 2500 yards NE of target 385. Gallagher tries to radio London but the Radio Operator is killed, the radio is destroyed and the bomber gets shot down. Gallagher parachutes into Switzerland. At the American Legation in Zurich, he is told by Wilson Sechrist that he will be interred for the duration. He can not escape nor will he be allowed to transmit information that he has. An American officer, Captain Wright asks Gallagher to meet him at the Alpenstock Restaurant. He instead meets an American business man George Richardson. Richardson tells him he will help him escape. Richardson tells him to go to the Edelweiss Garage. There he sees a German deserter escaping from German Agents. He tells Gallagher he is Sergeant Karl Weigand. He goes to find Jean Golet, and instead finds his daughter Liane. Her father has been killed by the Germans. She helps him escape. Gallagher, Liane & Weigand make their way back to a French port. On the way, Weigand saves both Liane & Gallagher.moreless
  • The Slaughter Pen
    The Slaughter Pen
    Episode 17
    While trying to bomb Hamburg, the 818th is turned back by flak & fighters over area called the "Slaughter Pen". A new German Underground Radar Station is spotting them. Back at Archbury, General Pritchard says that all 3 of his Wings have been turned back. Gallagher says that it is not a target that can be taken from the air, it needs to a ground assault. Pritchard asks Gallagher to get cleaned up and come with him to Brincott Hall. There General Pritchard explains that Brincott Hall has been turned into a Combined Operations Commando School. It is run by British General St John Keighley. General Pritchard explains that SHAEF has approved a commando raid. Gallagher will command the mission and the Air Group, Colonel Percy Vivyan (Lord Brincott) will command the British Commando's and the overall Ground Forces, Colonel Peter Thom will command the American Paratroopers & Rangers, Captain Eddington of the Royal Navy will command the Naval Forces. A Radar Expert is also assigned to the Mission.moreless
  • Falling Star
    Falling Star
    Episode 16
    On the way back from a mission, a mentor of Joe Gallagher's, Colonel Gus "Pappy" Wexler is flying as an observer. Gallagher asks Fowler to let Wexler fly in the co-pilot seat. They are attacked by ME-109's and Joe is wounded, Pappy takes over calling Gallagher "Bernie". At HQ General Pritchard ask Harvey Stovall's opinion of Wexler. General Britt is away in Washington and if he is not back, Pritchard will be looking for a new Wing Commander. He is thinking of Wexler or Gallagher. Gallagher is on the sick list so Wexler becomes acting Group Commander, and Gallagher the acting Wing Commander. Wexler wants things run by the book. On the next mission, he takes 3 planes and turns too early & aborts. He calls his Bob Fowler, his co-pilot "Bernie", and when Sandy questions him, Wexler orders him to stand down and report to the Flight Surgeon when he is back. Later in the Star & Bottle, the pilots celebrate with Wexler and he makes a good show of it. He arm wrestles Captain Banazek and wins. He has taken a liking to young 2nd Lieutenant Booth and tries to fix him up with a pretty WAC Sergeant Wexler takes Booth to meet Alice, a woman he cares about.moreless
  • Target 802
    Target 802
    Episode 15
    On the way back from a bombing run over the Ruhr valley, bombs are accidentally dropped on Ste Monique. 1st Lieutenant Parks the bombardier is interrogated. A single bomb falls in the village square killing resistance leaders Pierre Fecamp. Two pilots hiding in St Monique escape Major Coefield from the 918th and Captain Pollard from the 511th Fighter Squadron. Pollard has fallen in love with Claudine, the woman who rescued them. She has brought her son to England, he is badly wounded and may lose his leg. Claudine hates Gallagher and is going to kill him. She goes with him to the 918th officers club and sees the pilots get drunk. Meanwhile in Ste Monique, Hauptman Bergdorf says they will not bomb because of the last mission, so now they can put in a German Radar Station. On the way to Wing HQ in Archbury, Claudine tries to kill Gallagher. General Marteen orders the 918th to bomb Ste. Monique that night. In Ste Monique, Marcel Lenoir is killed as he radios information to London.moreless
  • Between the Lines
    Between the Lines
    Episode 14
    Flying back from Russian sector for the Invasion of Europe is coming and Stace & Krasker are returning with information about Russian troop strength. Plane is shot down, one general jumps, the other rides the plane down with Trask is afraid to jump Sandy is afraid of snakes. Trask is a clerk cryptographer for Stace.moreless
  • The Jones Boys
    The Jones Boys
    Episode 13
    Off the base, JayDee Jones is working up the nerve to go on his next mission. He gets Jan Warner to sneak him back on base. He gets spotted by Chapman who is stealing 3 45 pistols to sell . JayDee's older brother Frank talks to him and tells him to straighten up. JayDee says he has had enough, he wants out. Jones & Chapman make briefing at 04:30. On takeoff JayDee over-revs engines, and they don't have enough speed to take off, his co-pilot tries to help but the plane flips over killing the bombardier and badly injuring the co-pilot who dies later. Frank covers for his brother and says it could be a maintenance problem. Colonel Hunter the Wing G-4 (Supply) comes to investigate. Chapman sells his pistols to an Englishman who gets caught. Captain Mason from CIC comes to investigate the stolen guns. Jones co-pilot dies. Chapman & JD talk, Chapman says him will back Jones up. Hunter & Gallagher interrogate JayDee Jones, Frank Jones & Chapman. Chapman backs Jones who still can not remember what really happened.moreless
  • We're Not Coming Back

    American bomber command is using the 918th to test a new strategy to help with daylight bombing -- The Shuttle Raid. The idea is simple instead of a round trip turn the trip into a triangle with two bomb runs per trip. The 918 is to bomb 200 miles into Germany (Wellhausen), turn South to North Africa, refuel and reload, and on the way back to England bomb a German held area in France. Command wants to force the German air command to spread themselves too thin to cover all of their important targets.

    The new plan takes the German high command by surprise and only one training group attacks the 918 on its way to North Africa. Over Wellhausen, Oberst Falkenstein leads this training group to attack the formation. Gallagher's plane is hit and forced to land in Yugoslavia. Captain Lowell is wounded. Partisans help them, Lowell dies. Mara falls for Gallagher. Yellich wants Gallagher to take Mara with him. She stays. As the Germans close in Gallagher takes off.

  • Storm at Twilight
    Storm at Twilight
    Episode 11
    Harv and Lieutenant Colonel Rogers, the 918ths acting commander, watch the latest mission come back very chewed up and missing at least 6 six planes. Harvey feels responsible. Sandy hands him a telegram, his son is an MIA. Harvey goes to see General Britt and requests to go back on flying status. He gets an age waiver. Gallagher comes back and is furious with Harvey. He passes his physical by memorizing the eye chart. Gallagher puts Harvey through the wringer but Harvey passes his flight test. On the mission to bomb the marshalling yards at Antwerp, they make the run then get attacked by ME-109's.moreless
  • Grant Me No Favor
    Grant Me No Favor
    Episode 10
    On a bombing mission into Norway, Lieutenant Col. Christy aborts the mission after 10 out his 21 planes get shot down. When he returns, Gallagher sends an angry note to newly promoted Major General Britt asking why the target is secret, "How can his men keep risking there lives for a secret target". Summoned by Britt to what turns out to be Britt's promotion party, he is surprised to see his father Lieutenant General Max Gallagher. General Gallagher intercedes with General Pritchard to keep Pritchard from seeing and disciplining Colonel Gallagher.moreless
  • I Am the Enemy
    I Am the Enemy
    Episode 9
    The 918 is on its 8th mission to bomb the sub pens at St Nazaire. This mission is led by Major Kurt Brown who has never aborted for any reason. Richards, Brown's bombardier is badly wounded and Brown tells his Navigator to hold him to the bomb sight. He completes his mission but is annoyed at the cost and argues with Colonel Gallagher. On 8 missions they have lost 34 aircraft. Later in the Star & Bottle Gallagher asks Brown to drive Liz home. On his next mission (43rd) he aborts as his Navigator has appendicitis. Liz tells Brown she is German. Brown is angry. He fly's his 44th mission and is in a daze. Brown finally admits that he loves Liz. Before the next mission, Brown passes out from exhaustion before flying.moreless
  • Runway in the Dark
    Runway in the Dark
    Episode 8
    On a practice for night mission, they are being tracked by Vendry's unit They change course and evade successfully but "Chub" has to correct as he was off target. Chub is distracted because of his girl Kitty. On the actual night mission into Norway to pick up legendary resistance leader Arn Borg, they are told to look for the King Frederick light. It seems to be a trap as the Germans are waiting. The plane gets shot at lands and picks up Borg who brings his son Christian back with him. Gallagher is angry. Backs at base, Borg's map is impossible to read. Gallagher is ordered to fly another recon mission. Borg runs away so they decide to take Christian to show them the target. Borg comes back and flies the mission. They bomb what seems to be a heavy water storage facility and the mission is successful. Borg goes back to Norway.moreless
  • Show Me a Hero, I'll Show You a Bum
    On a mission 9 out of the 10 crew of the Piccadilly Lily are wounded save one - Komansky. Komansky fly's and lands the plane, becoming a press celebrity. A wounded Gallagher puts him in for the Silver Star. Kirby Wyatt, the 918th press liaison calls Susan Nesbitt, an American correspondent working for the BBC. She takes advantage of Komansky realizing this story could make her (he rescued General Gallagher's son). Kirby Wyatt goes along with Susan. Sandy is very uncomfortable with the celebrity. He is kidded about being a jinx by Technical Sergeant Chapman, Major Benson's Flight Engineer. Sandy replaces him on a mission, and has to kick a bomb loose. Sandy is awarded the Silver Star.moreless
  • The Hotshot
    The Hotshot
    Episode 6
    The 511th Fighter Group arrives at Archbury to escort the 918 on the home leg of the shuttle mission. On the way Troper attacks a train making him 10 minutes late for the rendezvous. The 511th does not give the proper recognition codes and one pilot is shot down. On the ground an angry Lieutenant Col. Troper slugs Gallagher. Gallagher tells Troper to forget about it. They are ordered to train together. In London Troper gets drunk, insults Gallagher, and takes off with Gallagher's date Fay. Gallagher orders a brief at 0400, only 12 of the 511th pilots show up. Gallagher has Troper put under house arrest. Merritt leads the fighters and not one bomber is lost.moreless
  • Big Brother
    Big Brother
    Episode 5
    The 918 lands at Mogador in North Africa to refuel and re-arm. They are on a mission to prove to the Germans American bombers can come from anywhere. The goal is to have the Germans pull their fighters back to the homeland. Gallagher's plane lands 21 hours late after his stopover in Yugoslavia. The senior officer is Lieutenant Col. Preston "Pres" Gallagher (Joe Gallagher's older brother). Pres explains that he has a mixed unit of Americans, British & Australians and he has been barely holding on but "Infantry holds, that's what they do". Now that Gallagher has landed safely Pres decides to pull out. Pres takes Gallagher's gas, and sends Captain Strader to blow up the 918th's planes fights. An exhausted Pres collapses and is hospitalized. Major Dutton takes command of ground forces and orders Master Sergeant Orland to prepare to move out. Gallagher radios for gas and the incoming plane is shot down. Pres recovers and decides to fight on. Col. Gallagher sends Lieutenant Col. Bailey with 3 B-17's to refuel, rearm with a mixed load, and orders to return and bomb the approaching Nazi column. If the Nazi win he is to carry out the original mission and return to England. If the Americans win then he should land and then entire 918 will carry out the mission and return.moreless
  • The Idolator
    The Idolator
    Episode 4
    A new pilot, 1st Lieutenant Joshua Melton McGraw, who is an old friend of Gallagher's arrives with a chip on his shoulder and buzzes the field. The bombers arrive from the current mission and the lead plane crashes and explodes killing the lead pilot Captain Newman. When Gallagher asks McGraw about the buzzing he says he had radio trouble, and Gallagher chews him out. He asks Josh how he wangled a transfer into the 918, He says he asked his father, a General to work on Gallagher's father and his fiancé (Britt's daughter, Martha) to work on General Britt. McGraw is angered to find out that Gallagher is going break up his crew for a couple of runs, standard procedure, he is going fly copilot for Gallagher. While at Wing Headquarters to visit General Britt he checks out the plans for tomorrow's bomb raid. On the bombing mission the Group is assigned to bomb the 3rd bridge , while the group goes after the regular target, McGraw peels off and bombs the 4th bridge. He claims it was equipment error and Gallagher lets him off. The next day on a check out flight, McGraw shoots down "Bed Check Charlie". Back on the ground Gallagher forces McGraw to admit that he lied about the radio. He tells him that he could be an excellent lead pilot if he got the chip off his shoulder. Given one more chance by Britt & Gallagher, McGraw uses his damaged plane to hit the target tunnel He is MIA.moreless
  • Then Came the Mighty Hunter
    After a tough mission, Gallagher needs a new gunner. Cpl. Corbett is a new replacement in from the states and has a perfect gunnery score (1000, Komansky only has 400). Komansky finds him by looking at records, once he meets Corbett he realizes it is the same new guy who made an earlier scene about wanting to kill Germans. He still recommends him to Col. Gallagher. Cpl. Corbett takes over from the wounded Staff Sergeant Abbott as Left Waist gunner on Gallagher's crew. During his first training mission he spots the target first, but his gun jams. The other gunners kid him and he does not join in the after hours fun at the Star & Bottle. This bothers Col. Gallaher who needs a team on his ship not loners. Komansky adopts Corbett and helps him, they go to another pub and Corbett meets Gillian. On the next practice mission, Corbett spots a real German FW and shoots it down. He gets promoted to buck Sergeant on the spot, but is upset by killing someone. Going into shock, he admits he's almost 16 (still 15). Col. Gallagher orders him to the base hospital to rest, but then goes AWOL to see Gillian at the pub. He returns to the base and agrees not to talk another walk. In the morning he sneaks aboard for the next mission. Hachensberg is the target. After seeing the other gunners hit and killed, Corbett takes over ands performs well. On the ground Col. Gallagher chews him out, turning him over to the MP, who will deliver him to the Red Cross, and insure he stays with them till he returns home. After Sgt. Corbett leaves Gallagher orders Komansky to tell Major Stovall to cut orders promoting him to Staff Sergeant before his discharge. He also orders Komansky to write up the events of the mission for his signature and personal recommendation for a Silver Star.moreless
  • R/X for a Sick Bird
    Maintenance problems plague the 918th. General Creighton from G-2 orders the 918th on a mission to drop a female resistance leader(Ilka Zradna) into occupied Poland. A German spy organization attempts to stop U.S. bombing and to kill the resistance leader.
  • The Loneliest Place in the World
    A straggling B-17 joins the formation and it turns out to be a captured plane flown by Germans. It strafes the lead plane flown by General Savage which is shot down.
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