Twenty Good Years

Season 1 Episode 2

Big Love

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 2006 on NBC
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Big Love
John and Jeffrey fall for the same woman. However, and to their astonishment, she decides that she wants to date them both.

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  • Jane Leeves helped episode

    I watched jane Leeves on "Frazier" in the 1990's and I can't believe that she comes off as a hot sexpot. This episode is a little improvemnt over the last one. the problem is with jane, it's just another lukewarm episode. Especially in one scene where Jane was in bed and John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor are standing there with their mouths open, doing nothing. I don't know it's either that or Jane Leeves' character should be on another television show, like "the L Word." An embrassing scene may have handicapped the show. Apart for Leeves' appearance, this show is just an empty episode.moreless

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    • Jeffrey: Well [Mary's] just nuts, right? I mean she can't be serious.
      John: She's serious, Jeffrey.
      Jeffrey: How would that even work? Should I get another pillow?

    • John: You know what would really shock them. The three of us should go on a date together.
      Jeffrey: Why don't we just shock the world and go on a cruise together?
      Mary: Let's make love together.
      John: Who are you addressing?
      Mary: Both of you.
      Jeffrey: But that makes three and I only have a queen size bed.

    • Jeffrey: Why? Why? Because there's no way a woman would choose me over you.
      John: That's what I'm saying, yes.
      Jeffrey: Oh I see. You're such a catch. A man with three ex-wives who's sleeping on my son's futon.
      John: Well at least I'm not bald.
      Jeffrey: What are you talking about? Of course you are?!
      John: I have twice as much hair as you. Everybody says so.

    • John: What have they ever done outside the box?
      Stella: Excuse me, but I had a baby with a sperm donor.
      John: That was weeks ago. What have you done recently?
      Hugh: And I dropped out of college to be a model.
      Jeffrey: That's not unconventional. That's just hurtful.

    • Stella: So Mary Frances, my dad tells me you used to be a dancer.
      Mary: What else was I going to do with these legs?
      Jeffrey: Here's to our girlfriend's legs.
      John: One for each of us.

    • Jeffrey: I don't understand. It's just so senseless. Why can't a governess marry a duke? Damn it, I hate the British class system.
      Mary: I know sweetie. That's why I moved.

    • Mary: Don't fill up on desert. We've got our entrees coming.
      Jeffrey: Eating a meal in reverse, I didn't know they let you do that.
      Mary: Who's "they" Jeffrey? Your parents? Society? Religion?
      Jeffrey: I just meant whoever printed the menu.

    • Mary: I just love how you talk without thinking.
      John: I used to get married without thinking.
      Mary: I don't understand why people get married.
      John: Speaking personally I just love giving crazy women my money over and over again.

    • Jeffrey: Are you suggesting that we openly date the same woman?
      John: I am. Does that frighten you?
      Jeffrey: Well my stomach's a little flippy but I did just kiss a girl.

    • Jeffrey: Is the beret okay?
      Mary: I love it. Let them laugh. Who cares?

    • Hugh: Dad, how do I say this nicely? You're not conventionally handsome.
      Jeffrey: Thanks for the adverb.

    • Hugh: (surprised) Oh dad.
      Jeffrey: Hugh, so good to see you.
      Hugh: I just came to steal food.
      Jeffrey: And to see your father.
      Hugh: I thought you were asleep.

    • Mary: So I'm having a little after party here when we close. Very casual. You're both invited.
      Jeffrey: We're in.
      John: We're out. We have a previous engagement.
      Jeffrey: We do? Everyone we know is fast asleep.

    • (At a crowded bar)
      John: This is fun.
      Jeffrey: I'm getting jostled a lot.
      John: You want another beer?
      Jeffrey: No thanks. I can't get this one to my mouth.

    • John: Okay Jeffrey. This is it. Our training begins.
      Jeffrey: No, wait. If we get separated let's meet back at this shrub.
      John: A shrub in Central Park? Good plan.

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