Twenty Good Years

NBC (ended 2006)


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  • It was a good show

    I liked the show so why did NBC cancelled it!!!

    They couldn't cancelled that horrid crap we called "Joey"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But this show had potential and if you ask me they should still keep it on air!!!

    There's not a lot for me to review about this show because NBC only gavethis show 4 friggin episodes!!!!!!

    But what I don't understand is how they gave Joey 46 episodes that were very horrific!!!!!

    NBC should have never let that s*** through the cracks!!!!!

    Anyway, I may never see this show again.

    Hey, I just remember this show right before I worote this review!!

    Well, I miss 20 Good YEARS

    NBC should have gave Joey 4 Good Episodes before cancellation!!
  • I watched the pilot, with every intent to like it. Hey, I tried, ok?

    I liked John Lithgow's performance on "3rd Rock" (well, some of it), so I thought, give it a shot. And what a complete waste of time this half hour of watching the pilot has been.

    It is truly a pain to watch. Clumsy and amateurish acting, no sign of a director who knows how to keep a show together, and seriously bad writing. John Lithgow's pompous style was suitable for his character in "3rd Rock", now he seems like a one trick pony. I don't buy the thing about his character being a surgeon, at all. The other old guy, whatever his name is, should just not be allowed on television. No presence, no charisma, nothing. Ok, I do understand that his role probably demands neither presence nor charisma, but... oh, I don't know, the whole thing is so bad that I'm already sorry for the 5 minutes I spent writing this so far. That's time I'll never get back, just like those wasted 30 minutes watching the pilot.
  • Interesting premise - great actors - funny show

    With all the CSIs, Criminal Intent and other drek on TV, this show was a refreshing standout. Unfortunately, the network never gave it much of a chance. I repeat the following only because the site requires a 100 word minimum. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back.Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back. Bring it back.Bring it back. Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.Bring it back.
  • I loved the show. I feel like it is better than most shows on TV today! I love the main characters. They had a chemistry that made the whole show seem like real life.

    This was the best show that has come out in a long time. It was light and funny, but still said a lot about life. It gave me a chance to look realistically at life and laugh at myself. It was great in every way! Please at least air the rest of the episodes!
    I loved it! Bring it back, please!
  • Maybe this is for a middle age audience but...?

    Maybe you have to be 50 to appreciate this new comedy but i find Jeffrey Tamborn and John Lithgow to be a terrific combination and it's one of the few sitcoms I've seen my husband actually laugh out loud. Give it a chance people. It deserves one. The episode about the elbow and Jeffrey's description of why he was afraid to go to the hospital was hilarious especially since we've known people who do pranks like that. I hope it doesn't end up being cancelled for lack of interest. I've been telling people about it but very few people even seem to know it's out there.
  • I can't believe they pulled this one - OR - it just shows that there's not too many people who watch this type of comedy. It is very reminiscent of English/BBC-type comedy, which is probably why some didn't get and it go low ratings.

    It's too bad they pulled it. Lithgow was absolutely wonderful and managed to bring some intelligent, however sarcastic, wit back to TV. TV is greatly lacking in good sitcoms as of late. Most TV is now either dramas or reality TV. While reality TV does get high ratings, there are some of us who prefer something that's not so mindless as reality TV (which isn't technically reality anyway).
  • The LaughTrack liked it better than I did.

    I have seen the previous work of John Lithgo and Jeffrey Tambor and I thought it was great [Arrested Development and 3rd Rock from The Sun] but 20 Good Years wasnt as good as I expected. I would like to see the Laugh Track removed since it was distracting for me, and they should work better on character development and joke timing. But otherwise the show does have some promise like 30 Rock.

    {EDIT: It is now canceled and I am glad because Jeffery Tambor and John Lithgow deserved better. They are talented actors and I hope they can get better work, rember that this is what we got for killing Arrested Development}
  • this is as forced a show as i have ever seen.

    comedy shows, sitcoms, are rarely funny because people act funny, but more because the ideas and characters driving the show are funny.
    NBC seems to have lost that over the years.
    ok, tambor has been humorous in the past.
    lithgow has had his moments too, though the count of original moments are few. sorry john. can't due the same ol stick from show to show. doesn't work.
    the writing needs no discussion, it's terrible.
    the actors are wasted and the half hour takes forever (i saw it on an airplane flight and man, a station signal would have been easier to watch).
    i love TV. most people will initially say, 'oh, i don't watch that much TV.'.
    well i do, and i love sitcoms.
    that's probably why my review is coming off as a little nasty.
  • Hurts to watch

    I watched the pilot and I only laughed once. When the laugh track plays 300% more then the people watching it you have a problem.
    When I first saw commercials for the show i thought it had a chance it got 2 very funny guys for the leads and in the commercial someone got hit it the nuts, always funny right? No the laugh track ruined the scene and just kept going and going.
    I know the thought behind the laugh track is that laughter is contagious and that if someone hears a laugh they will follow suit all this did was make me upset. Don't waste your time on this show.
  • Yet another terrible sitcom, starring actors who deserve better.

    It's amazing to me that in age of genuinely funny sitcoms, they still make shows like "Twenty Good Years." People argue that all 3 camera sitcoms are inherently unfunny, but to me it's the writing that hurts or helps any show and in this case it is amazingly, unbelievably flat. Lame one liners and highly predictable outbursts replace genuine humor and painfully unfunny overacting (and underacting in some cases) replace decent comedic performances in this atypical rehash of every sitcom stereotype of the last 30 years.

    The best sitcoms in some way reflect real society (to a minor degree, but still, the reflection is there). The characters of "Twenty Good Years" are straight out of "Sitcom 101;" the brash overbearing womanizer, the meek too nice guy, the dimwitted son, the sweet loving daughter. Not one character does or says anything even remotely fresh or interesting, they just go through the motions set in action by other, better sitcom characters of years past. The situations are laughable (in the wrong way) and feel forced in a way that even a sitcom shouldn't offer. By their nature sitcoms are predictable, but you can see every twist in the road of "Twenty Good Years" coming miles away. We've driven this road before and in a much better car.

    I won't bother going on my usual diatribe about how "Twenty Good Men" continues the network TV tradition of casting only white people in sitcoms. I know that on TV it's still 1965; a world where other races are allowed to exist, as long as they do it in the background or in the occasional guest starring role. It's sad to think that the world's funniest Chinese actor has less of a chance of getting hired on a sitcom than the world's UNfunniest white actor, but that's the state of network television these days. When it's run entirely by white guys- the shows star nothing but white guys.

    As I said before, the true failure of "Twenty Good Years" is in the writing. Weak, lame, obvious jokes are not the stuff of true comedy and when I find myself spitting out the punch lines before the characters do- I know there's a problem. Truly the writing on "Twenty Good Years" is nothing short of terrible and despite all the show's other flaws- it's the writing alone that is the greatest culprit. The writing is the fundamental failure of the program and of ANY program for that matter. It's weak, unfunny and stale and frankly that's being generous. I recall making fun of "Friends" a lot, but brother- I didn't know how good I had it. The difference between "Friends" and "Twenty Good Years" is like the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing one. The jokes on "Twenty Good Years" are the most obvious, phoned in, lame one liners ever to hit the airwaves. I wonder if the writers bother going to work, or do they just send the Starbucks napkins they scribble their jokes on into the office and have someone transcribe them? Without a doubt the jokes on "Twenty Good Years" are the stalest, weakest excuses for humor I've heard in a good long time and that hurts the show more than John Lithgow's annoying acting or a premise that frankly was losing steam 30 years ago when Jack Klugman and Tony Randall took a shot at it.

    I find myself wondering who "Twenty Good Years" is for. Certainly not the savvy TV watcher; they've had their expectations raised by smart, funny comedies such as "My Name is Earl" and "The Office." Or even traditional three camera sitcoms like "Two and a Half Men," a show which maintains sitcom traditions but manages to actually be funny while doing so. I think "Twenty Good Years" is for people who just can't be bothered. Can't be bothered to change the channel, can't be bothered to turn off the TV, can't be bothered to wonder why shows like "Twenty Good Years" keep rolling off the assembly line in a day and age where genuinely GOOD shows have proven that unique, original ideas are more than welcome on our TVs. Watching "Twenty Good Years" is like getting cupcakes out of a vending machine when there's a bakery right next door. It's there and you can watch it- but why would you ever bother?

    The good news though is that I have a strong feeling that show will expire before the characters make it through even one of those twenty years. I'm reasonably sure they won't even last 20 good (or rather bad) episodes. And when that happens, I strongly encourage the producers and writers to try a little harder with their next show. At least TRY and make it fresh, don't just rely on what's come before. Take a chance for once with the shows you make. Your audience may not be as dumb as you think; we may surprise you with our capacity to enjoy more than just recycled garbage we didn't really like the first (or second, or third) time around. You may not reinvent the wheel, but for god's sake- at least give it a shot.