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Twenty Good Years

Season 1 Episode 3

The Elbow Incident

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 2006 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Elbow Incident
When Jeffrey hurts his elbow in a basketball game against two younger players he refuses to let John operate because he's afraid of hospitals. This doesn't sit well with John because he wants a rematch against the younger players.

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  • Dear Lord, and they shot Lincoln.

    The only reason this was average is b/c I miss 3rd Rock and like seeing that charcacter. Bad thing is, John Lithgow <b>shouldn't</b> be playing that type of character again. In other words, there is nothing original about his or Tambor's characters. I'm just yearning to laugh with Dick Solomon again. The show slumped even more in last nights ratings with only 5.40 million viewers. A CW show did better than that last night as well. That's really bad if a CW show does better. I think they should officially cancel this show instead of saying an "indefinite hiatus."moreless
  • Getting worse

    This week's episode of "Twenty Good Years," had me wishing for the return of Jane Leeves. she was the character that helped the series, but too bad she had was guest star. Without her, ther series continue to fall to the ground. they're lucking I'm watching "30 rock" and that sexy Tina Fey or else I shut off the set and read. the two stars of the series are acting like male versions of Laverne and Shirley." One of them hurt his elbow and is afraid of hospitals, like I'm afraid of shows like "Twenty Good Years." If I were John Lithglow, I wouldn't give up my day job as the pitch man for Campbell Select.moreless
  • Yep, a fine example why the show has no future. It\\\'s unpretentious comedy to the point of being no more then skits on a 3-rd comedy talk show.

    I really don't know why they bothered to put this show on air. I mean "two old man deciding to do exciting things" - yes I can see there's the comedy to be found i that, but 3 episodes and nothing happened, no ideas, no plot, no nothing - just a girl, and an elbow injury. It would have been funnier if were camping in the pumpkin patch. John Lithgow and Jeffrey Tambor are great actors and comedians. I especially loved "3rd rock from the Sun", who doesn't, but that had interesting plot and was stupid in a funny way. This, well, this is just stupid in a boring way. Now about the episode it sort of defining about the problems of the show - total lack of interesting plot. Basically judge Pyne receives an elbow injury while playing basketball 2vs2 with D-r Mason against two young guys fresh out of bodybuilding. Pyne has a fear of hospitals so Mason drugs him in order to get him in operation. It had 3-4 nice jokes, and the rest was of the mark, quite like the show itself.moreless

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    • John: Can I speak freely?
      Jeffrey: Yes.
      John: You suck at basketball.

    • Stella: Dad, you can't force Jeffrey to have surgery. He's a grown man.
      John: So you're taking his side?
      Stella: Oh no, I think he ought to let you operate.
      John: So you're on my side?
      Stella: No, you need to respect his choices.
      John: That's what I get for sending you to a college without grades.

    • Jeffrey: Can we do this without needles?
      Dr. Fong: It's acupuncture, so no.

    • John: Nobody at any point will se you naked.
      Jeffrey: What if I'm slightly awake and I hear people talking about me?
      John: Well we'll make sure you get plenty of anesthia.
      Jeffrey: What if I get too much and my heart stops?
      John: We'll give you less than that amount.
      Jeffrey: What if I toot?
      John: That's why we wear masks.

    • John: Jeffrey, [basketball] is a metaphor for our new lives; how two men young in spirit can overcome brute strength.

    • John: I would like nothing more than to bond with Lila, but when is she going to start doing stuff?
      Stella: What do you mean, stuff?
      John: Clapping, rolling over, laughing at my jokes.
      Stella: Dad, she's four weeks old.
      John: I wasn't doing Noel Coward. I stuck a breadstick up my nose.

    • John: Granddad's back.
      Stella: Oh where did you take her?
      John: Who cares? She didn't even wake up.

    • Jeffrey: Stella, do you have any idea how much my elbow hurts?
      Stella: I once broke my collarbone playing field hockey. My appendix burst when I was 12. And I recently had a nine pound baby.
      Jeffrey: But your elbow is fine.

    • Black basketball player: (when Jeffrey falls down) Uh oh somebody broke grandpa.

    • John: Clog the lane!
      Jeffrey: I don't actually know what that means.

    • John: Did you hear that? Those guys are talking smack.
      Jeffrey: Well give it back to them.
      John: I'm trying but they think of things faster than me.

    • Basketball player: What's with the time out?
      John: We're discussing strategy. to Jeffrey Do you still feel like you're going to throw up?
      Jeffrey: I don't know. I've never been this tired in my life.

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