Twice in a Lifetime

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Twice in a Lifetime

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Sometimes, life isn't what is should be. A incident in our past can alter our lives forever and for the worse. In Twice in a Lifetime, each episode centers around one person whose life has been smaller than intended, filled with anger, sorrow or lost love. After death, they are given a second chance to go back in time and somehow persuade or coerce their younger self to go a different route. But that road isn't always easy. There is often a hidden reason for the past being what it was. And they only have three days to do it. Mr. Jones (Season 1) and Mr. Smith (Season 2) are there for guidance and help, and Judge Othniel, whose story is told in the Book of Judges 3: 7-10, is the judge that decides on the main characters' fates.
Each return journey, or life sentence, begins with these words: You will have three days, and three days only, to change the course of your life. ... You are a free agent of the universe with the blessing of Almighty God and His court!

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  • I would love the whole series on tv

    This was a great Canadian show that deserves to be available on DVD for others to continue to watch it.... but I have an even bigger interest in obtaining a DVD of the series pilot.... my children were in the scenes of the nursery in the hospital. They were not the subject baby but were extras in the room. I want to be able to show the kids their acting debut (LOL), it's a proud Mommy moment to share with them. I had it on VHS from when it was first aired, but the VHS tape has badly deteriorated, so I can't get it put onto DVD from that copy.moreless
  • I Loved Everything About Twice in a Lifetime

    Besides the fact that it's a Canadian production, (what great use of our tax dollars ! :)), this is such a wonderful show and one of my all-time favorites. I have seen most episodes twice and the first time through, almost every one made me cry. The shows helped me open my heart, for which I will always be grateful.

    The only sad thing was that there were only 44 episodes. The program has a unique concept and could easily have lasted a few more seasons. There are some excellent big name actors and actresses in the shows (Cloris Leahman, Donna Mills, Stephanie Zimbalist and Kate Jackson to name a few) and all did superb jobs.

    The plots are well written and life lessons abound. I believe that it's very true that certain key decisions can have long-lasting implications in our lives and have seen so in my own life. I can think of two particular decisions I made as a 19-year old that changed the course of my life. Fortunately, I made the right decision both times, for which I am very grateful.

    The program also emphasizes the importance of faith and that we are not alone, which is wonderful reminder and can give us inner strength to face the challenges of our hectic culture.moreless
  • What a wonderful show. They should consider making more of them. We could use more of this type of programming on t.v. instead of some of the trash that's on there now. There are so few truly good moral t.v. shows to watch these days.moreless

    It's a great show. Who wouldn't like a second chance? Well written, thought provoking, making you consider what changes you can make in your life to make a difference. I'd like to see it come back. There are so few truly good moral t.v. shows to watch these days. The great thing about the show too is that it has that much wanted happy ending. It gives you expectancy, and that warm fuzzy feeling that motivates a person to do better, be better. It offers up a cornucopia of good feeling, warmth, and occasional heart ache... but never leaves you disappointed. There are some hardened old buzzards out there who might find this show mushy but there is already too much t.v. fare out there for them to choose from. For my money, this show is it.moreless
  • An inspirational tv show that ended too prematurely, it could have easily lasted more seasons.

    I really enjoyed this tv series drama, Twice In A Lifetime, because it was great watching someone having a second chance to fix their life when it all started to go wrong. I am sure that there are a lot of us who wished they could go back in time to correct a wrong decision, a major mistake, etc. You always wonder if your life would have turned out differently if only you had trusted your instincts, or listened to the advice of a friend, and so on. The plots were good, the actors were very convincing played especially Paul Popowich as Mr. Smith. I felt a lot of sympathy for Mr. Smith because you felt his compassion, honesty, and even confusion and soul-searching as he did his job. And, you knew that he was only going to be doing that for a while - until he figured out what he had to learn and change about himself before he could move on. But, unfortunately, with the premature ending of this inspiring series we will never get to see what was destined for him.moreless
  • Mr Smith was perfect.

    I started watching the series when Season 2 came to Australian television (we never got Season 1 on the first run).

    Mr Smith was the perfect example of great writing and great casting when Paul Popowich was chosen. The story lines were fresh and entertaing, without having the annoying 'goody-two shoes' storylines of shows like Touched by an Angel which after a while get more than a little annoying.

    It's a great shame that the show was never bought back for a third season. It would have been great to see Paul back as Mr Smith - even though it would mean a new Judge but I feel that it still could have worked well.

    A great pity it's no longer on TV.moreless

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