Twice in a Lifetime

Season 2 Episode 17

Daddy's Girl

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2001 on Ion Television
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Episode Summary

Daddy's Girl

After running away from his responsibilities all his life, Bobby has a heart attack and dies while gambling. He gets a second chance to look after and care for his daughter Rennie. Bobby was once engaged to her mother Colleen, but didn't think he was good enough so he left. Ten years on and Colleen has died leaving Rennie to go with relatives. Taking charge Bobby tries to convince himself that not only does she need him, but he needs her as well.


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  • A touching story of a father and his daughter.

    Bobby amounted to nothing in his life and died with one regret - he didn't have a family. But it wasn't like he didn't have the chance. Ten years prior he was with Colleen who had a baby girl - Renetta - known as Rennie.

    He gets a second chance to know who his daughter is and save her life from going down the same road of destruction as his.

    This is a beautiful story of love and the willingness to overcome faults. Acting is perfect and the setting, while unusual, fits well.

    One of my favourite episodes of the entire series, this is a must watch one.moreless
  • Read the great summary above!

    This episode was heartwrenching and beautiful. Watching this \'dead beat dad\' find his way back to his daughter. Falling in love with her and building a real relationship. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! This episode is filled with moments of sweetness between father and daughter and the end of the episode makes your heard sing. Mr. Smith\'s helpful insights are enjoyable too. Mr. Smith\'s presence in general is a delight ;) Like most of this show\'s episodes, at the end I left it feeling uplifted, my faith in people restored (however temporary that may be).moreless
Eric Lutes

Eric Lutes

Bobby Kremsky / Henry Jude

Guest Star

Jayne Eastwood

Jayne Eastwood


Guest Star

Jef Mallory

Jef Mallory

Young Bobby Kremsky

Guest Star

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    • Bobby: Where'd you learn to play cards?
      Rennie: Mama taught me.
      Bobby: Why?
      Rennie: So that I could know you.
      Bobby: She must have hated me, huh?
      Rennie: No, she told me that you were a dreamer. She liked that. She wanted me to dream too.

    • (Throws a coin up in the air over Kelly and Bobby)
      Mr Smith: Heads - match made in heaven, tails - not.

    • (To Mr Smith)
      Aunt Jane: Who are you, his guardian angel, his daddy?
      Mr Smith: He lost his daddy.

    • (Watching Rennie)
      Young Bobby: How much do you bet that she throws up by nightfall?
      Older Bobby: I'm not a betting man, but if I were you I'd get a bucket and a mop.
      Young Bobby: Me?

    • (About Young Bobby)
      Older Bobby: Her only real chance in the world rests on the shoulders of that gutless, spinless, heartless...
      Mr Smith: (Upon seeing Young Bobby) ...shoeless.

    • (To Mr Smith as the attendant at the service station)
      Lulu: Hey come on, lets go, chop chop.
      Mr Smith: Chop what?
      Lulu: You're not to swift are you? You're replacing Ernie, that lucky saps off buck dancing in Branson so you've got to work the pump, wash the dishes, dump the garbage, keep the those floors and counters spick 'n span, and don't even think about belly-aching because with your record, you're lucky I even hired you!
      Mr Smith: Thanks a lot Lulu. When's Ernie coming back?
      Lulu: Probably never, he won the lottery.
      Mr Smith: Perfect!

    • (Introducing her to her father for the first time)
      Rennie: Who's this jerk?
      Older Bobby: That's your daddy.

    • (When he first meets Mr Smith)
      Bobby: (To the landlady) Hey, hey that's my money - I won it fair and square.
      Mr Smith: No you didn't - you cheated. You cheated, I saw you. What was that? Four aces. Come on.
      Bobby: I'm a lucky guy. Things just go my way.
      Mr Smith: Is that why you're dead?

    • (To the dead Bobby)
      Mr Smith: You could cheat to win, but you couldn't cheat death.

    • (To the other gamblers at the table, referring to Bobby)
      Landlady: I've been very patient, but if he doesn't win and pay me tonight, I'm gonna break his face.
      Mr Smith: Ooh, that's gotta hurt.

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