Twice in a Lifetime

Ion Television (ended 2001)


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  • Season 2
    • The Choice
      The Choice
      Episode 22

      Ryan gets a second chance to return to his teenage years to prevent his father, a successful doctor, from having a heart operation which led to him being brain damaged. Ryan always blamed himself as he had talked his father into having the procedure. He gets a second chance to convince his younger self to let his father decide for himself.

    • Final Flight
      Final Flight
      Episode 21
      Capt. Luke Sellars and his second wife Connie are on their annual flight to Paris so that Luke's son Rick can visit his mother, a French lady who moved there after she and Luke were divorced. When he refuses to sit down as the flight is taking off, Luke falls and dies. Judge Othniel gives him a chance to correct his deepest regret: not turning around a trans-Atlantic flight in order to save the beloved dog of a young man who has had his leg amputated. The dog had been accidentally placed in the wrong cargo hold and froze to death. Luke, now a flight attendant, must convince his younger self to set aside his pride and turn the plane around. In a touching side story, Mr. Smith helps an elderly woman named Anne who is suffering from cancer and is contemplating taking her own life.moreless
    • Mama Mia
      Mama Mia
      Episode 20
      Camilla has spent her life looking after her daughter and granddaughter, but all comes to an end when a wayward piano kills her. She returns to try to fix her daughter's marriage and make her daughter take responsibility for looking after her own daughter (who ran away after Camilla's death). She also gets the chance to pursue a career of her own as a hairdresser.moreless
    • Then Love Came Along
      Roger Hamilton had gone through life with more money and power than he could ever have dreamed of as a child, but when a transaction goes sour and he ends up dead he gets his second chance. Roger is returned to his youth as a doctor who has to make the decision of who to give a kidney trasplant to. He meets Caroline and her newphew Mikey, and falls in love. On the way out of a jewelry shop (with a ring) Roger is injured and they discover his kidney isn't working properly. Roger must then decide whether to give the available kidney to his younger self - or sacrifice himself for Caroline.moreless
    • The Knockout
      The Knockout
      Episode 18
      A former champion boxer, Jimmy, gives up on life after he challenges his brother to a fight. The fight being rigged ends up in his brother dying. He gets the second chance to return and save the life of his brother, but he is still determined to win the fight.
    • Daddy's Girl
      Daddy's Girl
      Episode 17

      After running away from his responsibilities all his life, Bobby has a heart attack and dies while gambling. He gets a second chance to look after and care for his daughter Rennie. Bobby was once engaged to her mother Colleen, but didn't think he was good enough so he left. Ten years on and Colleen has died leaving Rennie to go with relatives. Taking charge Bobby tries to convince himself that not only does she need him, but he needs her as well.

    • Moonshine Over Harlem
      After a brief appearance at a school, Charlie - a gang member in the 1930s and 1940s - is killed. Othniel tells him that he has redeemed his bad ways ever since, but that he can get a second chance anyway, to solve his conflict with the love of his life, Rose. Mr. Smith follows Charlie back to Harlem during the Prohibition era, where Charlies interracial relationship to Rose is something strange and frowned upon. But the real problem is that Rose´s father is with the FBI, and that Rose will turn Charlie in. Now Charlie must somehow convince himself to get out before the deal that will be raided by the FBI, or get Rose to not turn him in.moreless
    • Even Steven
      Even Steven
      Episode 15
      Dr. Steven Weaver blames high school bully Buzzy Walsh for ruining his life and costing him a relationship with the girl of his dreams. The two of them get into a fight in Steven's office, which results in Steven, along with his Freud bust, crashing through a window and falling to his death. Judge Othniel sends him back discover the true source of his unhappiness and to protect the woman he loves. Steven jumps to the conclusion that he is to protect Misty from Buzzy, but when he returns as a substitute skating instructor, he soon discovers a family secret and finds that the Judge might have had something else in mind.moreless
    • The Frat Pack
      The Frat Pack
      Episode 14
      When Reese O'Malley visits his brother Ethan's bar, the old conflict between the siblings results in a threat to sell the bar, and in Reese's accidental death. Judge Othniel accuses Reese with causing Ethan to fail a fraternity hazing, but Reese feels that it's Ethan that should be taught a lesson.

      Sent back to the days of the hazing, Reese (now called Chip) sees how harsh he is to Ethan, but still maintains that Ethan always got special attention from their dying mom, even when he didn't seem to care about her at all.

      Chip tries to convince Ethan to let Reese have the frat club to himself when he learns that Ethan's sole motive is to win his brother's love. But will young Reese believe that?moreless
    • The Night Before Christmas
      Delia has hated Christmas for 19 years when after an argument with her twin sister Amanda over Jake (a member of their band). Amanda had taken off on a motorcycle and never came back. She gets a second chance in life with family and gets a second chance in love as well.moreless
    • Grandma's Shoes
      Grandma's Shoes
      Episode 12
      Ruth Harper, an unsuccessful writer, comes back after 50 years to the farm where she grew up in poverty, but she has barely time to see her brother Paul's grave before she dies.

      Since Ruth had left the farm when Paul died, Othniel shows her how he died: Ruth had told him to bury the only shoes he had, his grandmother's shoes, to make a stand against poverty - which left him unprotected when a snake bit him. Othniel gives her a chance to make things right, and Ruth is determined to take Paul with her when she leaves this time...

      But then, maybe there is something that she has refused to see in her poor family home.moreless
    • Used Hearts
      Used Hearts
      Episode 11
      Darcy Green, a successful used car dealer, dies after a posh car rolls onto her. She is sent back to correct a fatal error - she sold a car to a young girl, Rebecca Kincaid, who died the same day in an accident due to mechanical failure.

      She gets the chance to meet Rebecca's brother, and learns that they had already lost their parents which makes her more determined to stop the accident as she has already bought the car.

      The accident isn't prevented and as Rebecca lies in hospital she has one last chance to talk sense into herself.moreless
    • Whistle Blower
      Whistle Blower
      Episode 10
      Dr. David Bryant gets a second chance to go back and change a decision he made and the regret of allowing his son to live.

      When he was younger, his company dumped toxic waste into a nearby lake, where mutated and dead frogs began turning up. David has to decide which is more important - people or his career.

      At the same time his wife is pregnant with their first child, Jeremy. Mr. Smith shows him how much of a miracle Jeremy is and that just because he has down syndrome doesn't mean he isn't special, and the perfect son.moreless
    • Some Like It ... Not

      Celebrity dentist Dr. Sandy Greiner is interviewing a new receptionist and hitting on her. Finally she agrees to go to the opera, but Sandy has no intention of going to the opera - he ordered a luxurious dinner instead and ended up choking on an oyster.

      Judge Othniel explains how Sandy has only seen women by their appearances and not as people, and how he needs to walk a mile in their shoes. Since Mr. Smith defends him, the Judge sends him along for the ride and the two return as Mandy and Lorraine.

    • Expose
      Episode 8
      Tabloid reporter Kat Lopez meets her untimely death in a dumpster going after an illicit video. She gets a second chance to go back and convince her younger self not to destroy actress Dorothy Ireland's life by printing pictures of her with another woman. Kat is sent back as Gloria Rodriguez, Dorothy's new assistant. Here Kat learns the truth about who the woman in the picture is but is unable to stop her younger self from writing a story in which she is portrayed as Dorothy's alleged lover. These events spin Dorothy's life out of control and result in a suicide attempt. When not even that gets the younger Kat to listen to reason and retract the suicide story, she is forced to expose her own dirtiest secret.moreless
    • The Escape Artist
      Stage magician Tony Tremaine is executed in the electric chair after being found guilty of the murder of his sister, Vicki. Judge Othniel says that if Tony had relied more on his girlfriend Dee Dee after the murder, he could have been freed. Tony protests, showing anger towards God.

      Sent back as security guard Phil Barlow, he starts looking for the real killer among the other talents at the theatre. Soon the rivalry between Vicki and Tony's girlfriend Dee Dee is apparent. Dee Dee wants to get out of the small town while Vicki is content to stay there. Also apparent is fellow magician Jacques' infatuation with Vicki.

      But in the commotion during one of Tony's tricks, the killer strikes again and Tony is again arrested. Even more angry with God, Phil has a hard time convincing his younger self to not to shut Dee Dee out.moreless
    • War of the Poseys

      Mark and Mindy were married young and fought for the rest of their lives until their car crashes during one of their arguments. Both Mark and Mindy must go back to find out the real reasons behind their failed marriage.

      They are sent back to their honeymoon, as proprietors of the hotel, and as both claim that it was a tennis match that started the resentment, they try to stop Mark's back injury which happened during the match. They fail, and the newlyweds spend the honeymoon separately: her in the dining room and he in the hotel room. During that day they discover the real reasons behind their failed marriage: a fake diamond ring and a call from a former lover.

      Young Mark and Mindy break up. But as Mr Smith tells them: It's not over till the fat lady sings...

    • My Blue Heaven
      My Blue Heaven
      Episode 5
      All Dan Patello ever wanted to do was follow in his father's footsteps and be a police officer. But Dan wasn't prepared for the rampant corruption within the force, and upon the birth of his son, began at 10-year 'career' of, among other things, taking bribes, planting evidence and lying in court. On his son's 10th birthday, he is shot and killed by a man who he had framed years earlier. Mr. Smith has no sympathy or patience for this dirty cop and doesn't want to defend him, seeing him as irredeemable. But Judge Othniel sees Dan's promise and sends him back as an Internal Affairs detective to prevent his younger self from starting down the wrong path. Along the way Dan discovers his father's secret, which he may not be able to accept. The judge also takes the opportunity to send Mr. Smith back as a priest with a bad record to help him learn the lessons of faith, forgiveness and patience.moreless
    • Curveball
      Episode 4
      Ben Bogart is an overbearing father who mercilessly pushes his son Max to win saying that if he wants to have fun, he has to win. During a family fight at the batting cage, Max is so fed up that he says he wishes he had never been born. In the fracas, both Ben and Max are hit in the head with fastballs from the pitching machine and both land in Emergency. Mr. Smith follows them to the hospital and is surprised to see Judge Othniel, who says he is there to help him. His help is much needed when, to Mr. Smith's shock and anger, it is 15-year old Max who dies and not his father. Instead of being sent back to his childhood, Max and Mr. Smith are sent back to the time when Ben was Max's age. Here Max sees that his dad was also verbally abused by his father and so he abused Max because it's all he knew. He also learns the truth about his dad's boasting of his big hit in the big game. Max realizes that he has to convince his teenage dad that he doesn't have to be the same as his father. He must also keep Ben from leaving for California to be with his mom because that would mean leaving his girlfriend and future wife and then Max really would never be born.moreless
    • Matchmaker, Matchmaker
      Rhonda Finkelstein is a bitter divorcee whose husband left her for another woman when her daughter Molly was very young. Consequently, she has instilled in her daughter a hatred for men and pushes away every man who tries to get close to Molly. After rebuffing a nice man named Allan, she dies when blindly falling into a construction pit.
      Judge Othniel shows Rhonda that Molly will be heartbroken and alone for her entire life because Rhonda poisoned her mind against men. The judge gives Rhonda a second change to return and open her daughter's heart to love thereby fixing the damage she has caused.moreless
    • It's a Hard Knock Life
      Bitter recluse Nancy Waldron, who cares more about her cats than about people, ironically dies from being hit in the head by a cat statue. Othniel gives her a second chance to learn to like people by sending her back to the orphanage where she grew up dreaming about being adopted by the perfect mom, just like in her favorite movie. Instead she, or so she thinks, endured a heartless orphanage director, Miss Hannah, who forbade cats in the house.

      While her guide Mr. Smith is taught a lesson in humility and something about himself Nancy, now the orphanage's matron Peggy, tries her best at getting her younger self adopted by the seemingly perfect woman, despite Hannah's stern warnings. But as Peggy learns the inner workings of the orphanage and the pressure Hannah is under, she soon sees that many things aren't the way they seem, or how she remembers them.moreless
    • Fallen Angel
      Fallen Angel
      Episode 1
      In the second season opener Ray Patterson, a firefighter with an outstanding record dies at the hand of his son Richie when the boy accidentally shoots him through a closed door. When Ray appears before Judge Othniel, he sees that his problems with Richie began four years ago when Richie beat up another boy and Ray and his wife covered it up, thus preventing Richie from learning that his actions have consequences. The Judge sends him back as Richie's psychiatrist and he is faced with the very difficult task of getting himself to face the fact that his son is a drug addict. The Judge sends a bewildered Mr. Smith, who died in a fire despite Ray risking his life to save him, along as his newly appointed guide - and not a very willing one at that.moreless
  • Season 1