Twice in a Lifetime

Season 2 Episode 15

Even Steven

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2001 on Ion Television

Episode Recap

Dr. Steven Weaver, an anger management therapist, is surprised to see his newest client is Buzzy, a man who used to be his childhood bully.

Steven uses the opportunity to exact revenge against the man during the session, but the argument becomes violent and Steven dies while falling out the window of his office.

During his trial, Smith and Othniel determine Steven's problems stemmed from his struggle to understand his parent's divorce, and his trauma over catching his father with a mistress.

Steven is sent back in time as an ice skating coach, and he attempts to use the job as a way to prevent an event started by the bully that embarassed him in front of his friends. He also tries to get closer to his mother and make her realize how much she babied Steven so he wouldn't defend himself against Buzzy.

Although he isn't able to stop the event, he learns that when he stopped the younger Steven from running into his father, it led to a heartfelt talk with a ate who would become his wife.

The older Steven confronts his father and convinces him to end the affair and work to repair his marriage. When Steven returns to the present, he discovers his parents are still together, he married his high school seweetheart and has two kids, and has changed his therapy practice to counsel entire families.

When Buzzy comes in for his session, Steven apologizes for what happened in the past and thanks Buzzy for making the worst day in his life become the best instead, for it helped him meet his wife.