Twice in a Lifetime

Season 1 Episode 11

The Quality of Mercy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 1999 on Ion Television

Episode Recap

After a skillful and successful closing argument against a black convict, lawyer Meg McCleary denies her daughter Heather permission to date her boyfriend, because he´s black. Heather leaves Meg in anger.

Meg drives after her, but her car breaks down in a bad neighbourhood. She´s hunted by some young men, which strains her already bad heart too much and she dies.

Othniel charges Meg with being a racist. Meg denies this, but later claims that it depends on the murder of her old boyfriend by a hispanic man, when Meg was still a police officer.

"They fit the profile," she claims. Othniel answers that her job was too charge criminals on evidence, not profiles. He sentences her to life...

... as vice officer Esposito (from Puerto Rico), to try to stop her younger self to identify hispanic man Hector Soto who was innocent, but the previous was sentenced to death.

Meg (as Esposito) tries to stop the undercover operation where her boyfriend was killed before, but she fails to save his life, and her younger self arrests Hector Soto. Can Heather be the key to convince the younger Meg to let Hector Soto go?