Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 5

Cradle of Darkness

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

A woman, Andrea Collins, travels from the future back to Austria in the early 20th century. Taking the name of Marta Eickelman, she goes to a house and says she has been hired as a housekeeper by the owner: the Hitlers. Going inside, the man of the house, Alois Hitler, has the maid Kristina bring the baby… Adolf. A stern man, Alois informs Marta that Kristina will watch the baby as his wife Klara is ill.

Later, Marta approaches the baby holding a pillow. However, Klara enters the room and Marta retreats. Klara says that she isn't allowed to see her baby but clearly loves it. She steps outside and talk, and Klara admits that her husband Alois can be a stern man.

Later, Marta serves tea to Alois, who takes her hand and says she is now a member of the family. Startled, Marta spills tea on him. Undeterred, he invites her to a performance of Wagner and notes that his wife Klara wouldn't object. Marta suggests that Kristina go with him and he considers the idea. A few hours later, Kristina asks Marta to watch Adolf as Alois has invited her out for the night. Marta points out that Kristina has been sleeping with Alois, and the maid proudly notes that Klara was a former housekeeper as well.
That night, Marta watches as Alois and Kristina leave. Klara is asleep and Kristina goes to Adolf's room. Bracing herself, she goes inside and prepares to smother it but can't bring herself to do it.

Marta goes to church to confess and talks about how there is someone in the town that in the future will kill millions. The priest counsels her that only God has the right to take a life. Back at the Hitler home, Marta tells Klara to leave the country with Adolf but Klara refuses. In the streets, Alois runs into Marta and talks about he hopes to get a transfer, and that one day Austria and Germany will be united. When Marta expresses doubts, Alois rants about how her views echo those of the Jews that seek to keep both countries from finding their greatness. A mentally unstable gypsy woman carrying her baby bumps in them and Alois dismisses all of the lesser races.

That night, Alois and Klara entertains the Inspector and his wife for dinner. As Kristina prepares to serve, Marta hears the baby crying and goes upstairs to comfort it, then slips out the window. When the Inspector asks about Alois' son, he sends Kristina to bring him down. As Kristina discovers that Adolf is missing, she hears Alois cry and looks outside to see Marta fleeing. Marta drops a key and then continues down an alleyway as Kristina pursues her. Marta runs to a bridge and prepares to throw Adolf into the water. Marta jumps, holding the baby, as Kristina looks on in horror. Going back, she finds the key and then sees the Gypsy woman holding the baby. Kristina pulls out her purse and counts her coins.

Back at the Hitler home, Kristina brings the baby to the dining room and gives her to Alois. He seems to notice something amiss but Klara is convinced and Alois dismisses his concerns. Kristina takes the new baby Adolf away to his future… and his destiny.