Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 4

Dream Lover

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

Comic book graphic artist Andrew Lomax is plagued by dreams of his creation, Sondra, in bed with him. At first he thinks he's simply hallucinating her due to stress, but soon begins to see signs of her presence around the remote cabin where he's gone to finish his project. Going through his sketches, he finds sketches of her and goes back to work. He's unable to come up with anything. Hearing a noise in the kitchen, he goes out and finds… Sondra, making breakfast for him. She says that they met last night in his dream, and Andrew thinks he's going nuts. She says she's there to help him regain his confidence and points out that he needs to be inspired again. He has a deadline in seven days and Sondra says that he can do it, and Andrew starts to regain his confidence.

Andrew's agent Lafe shows up with his girlfriend to ask for the promised pages but Andrew refuses to open the door. Andrew runs out as Lafe drives away but the agent doesn't see him. He returns inside and finds that Sondra has cleaned up the place. He thinks about taking her out but realizes nobody can see him but her. She promises to be waiting for him in bed for when he finishes his work. Andrew starts drawing and churns out the pages, interspersed with sex with Sondra.

After finishing another batch of work, Andrew goes to look for Sondra and sees her outside flirting with the cable man. Andrew is shocked to realize someone else can see her. When she comes inside, Andrew tries to get answers from her but she jokes about it and refuses to explain. Things get uncomfortable in bed and Andrew starts to get artist's block again. The next day, Sondra dresses in casual clothing and leaves, driving off. He calls after her to come back but she keeps going. He walks down the road and finds her at a gas station. She wonders what he's doing there and walks off with the keys. He realizes that the cable guy is there and Sondra insists it isn't working. The cable guy, Sam comes out and ignores Andrew entirely. Andrew swings at him… and his fist goes right through him. Sam doesn't see Andrew and gets in the jeep and drives off with Sondra.

Andrew walks back to the cabin to find Sondra doing the work on the graphic novel. He tries to get her to settle down and she realizes that he doesn't know what's going on. Sam comes in from the shower and Andrew says he's going to erase Sondra from his life. He takes the sketch of her only to find that it's transformed into a picture of Andrew. Sondra explains that she's real, and Sam's real… but Andrew isn't. She created him as a dream lover to help her get over her artist's block. She starts to erase the sketch of Andrew… and he fades away a bit at a time. Sam comes in, and Sondra says that she never felt better. She crumples up the sketch and goes back to work.

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