Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 4

Dream Lover

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2002 on UPN

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  • This episode preety much sums up 2002's Twilight Zone. Sloppy Writing and Nonsensical Twists. Could be decent if they only had some editors to fix bumps in the story process. Lazy Dummies!

    Twists can be fun if they're done right. This episode justified what not to do in making the "big twist".

    Starting off with a struggling artist who is trying to live up to his graphic novel before. Which apprently seems like a "sin city" knock-off, anyhow his scetchs for his "dream girl" comes to life one night. Either he's drunk or crazy. He dosn't care and has his way with her preety easy. The next day shes gone(omg she was a dream) or is she? Cause she is not,shes real. Well as long as you keep drawing then she'll stay and do crazy **** with you. Or will they?

    My god, is she talking to another guy. Other can she her!
    What a twist!

    So of course he now wants to keep his dream girl inside for himself so that she won't go off with some muscle-bond guy who just happens to be there. You know how it is.
    (note that was supposed to be saracasic,so yea)

    Then the twit starts to get an attitude on him and being a **** cause well she is learning of the real world. right? thats right another twist. This is the big one and well shocking as it may be. It makes no sence whatsoever!

    See lets jump back to what I said about twists and doing them right. Well for one you need to make it have clues and hints of this outcome being true. Second try to go in one directionb and know where your going.

    Not following both of these, the big final twist is...


    The dream girl is really the artist?! and..
    The Man is the dream Lover?!


    That dosn't make any sence! The guy fit the bill for any person in art. Then with close-ups of booze(indicating he could be drunk seeing this woman) and it fit the bill that he created her because of his depression and sadness then with her saying about her helping him be able to do it again.(strange to imagine an instable man for your "dream lover") and finnally she is way to hot to draw a "sin city" esque graphic novel ever! Also being that hot, why would she need a dream lover and espically not one that look like "super-stud the electrican". Unless...


    He was the dream guy and "the artist" guy was really alive. Until she met the electrican and flip the tables on him and turned him into art(voodoo doll of sorts)

    well they didn\'t explain like that. Making this probably the worst case of blindly going through a story and throwing in plot twists to make it more appelling even if they don\'t make..

    Any Sence!!!!1!!!!!!!11

    (Long an't she)
  • Cool ending...

    I wouldn't necessarily count this episode amongst one of the best because the story is rather slow-moving and it seems that the main point of the episode was to have Shannon Elizabeth in a towel as much as possible. Far be it from me to complain! However, the last (5) minutes of the episode more than make-up for really nothing happening before that. I love how we find out that she is in fact not the dream girl, he is the dream man. Or rather he was the dream man until she erases him from her life once and for all.