Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

The Winslows move to Evergreen, a gated community. Their older daughter Jenna is dressed in punk clothing with tattoos and earrings. She spits her gum out as they arrive at their new home, then notices that that all the other children in the community are wearing the same clothing. Her father talks about the heart attack that her activities have brought on, and why they're moving there in the hopes she'll change her behavior. Jenna notices a couple down the street putting mulch around the base of an evergreen and crying, as well as a cute bow mowing the lawn.

While they're talking, Mrs. Winslow brings out lemonade for her family, including younger daughter Jules. After they have a quick drink, Jenna starts to take her stuff up to her room… and passes out while her mother apologizes. She wakes up to discover that her jewelry is gone and her tattoos have been removed. She goes downstairs to confront her pairs, who are meeting with Mr. Brooks, head of the Homeowner's Association. When they refuse to back down, and talk about how they sacrificed everything to move there and help her, she runs outside. Jules goes after her and asks Jenna to take her with her if she runs away.

That night, Jenna sneaks off to the main gated entrance and sees a black van. The boy she saw earlier, Logan, comes up and knows about her because he sneaked a look at her files. He warns her that the teenagers who don't behave are sent to Arcadia, what everyone claims is a military academy. He offers to share his drugs and records with her during the upcoming picnic. However, during the picnic Logan never shows up. She goes to his house that night and sees Brooks talking to Logan's parents, saying that he's had enough chances. Jules comes up and asks Jenna to behave rather then mess up their entirely family. Jenna gets angry with her and then apologizes, and tells Jules go to go inside. Logan runs up to his house and pounds on the door, but his parents don't answer. He sees Jenna and tells her to stay away, and the community guards in the black guards arrive and take him away.

The next day, Jenna secretly gets online and checks some information, but is called downstairs when Brooks pays a visit. He asks her about Logan, saying he attacked a guard with a knife. Jenna lies and says she tried to get Logan to go to the community leaders and promises to report any further violations. As she leaves, she overhears Brooks asking her parents if she can be trusted. She also overhears Brooks saying that the Homeowners Association will decide Logan's fate at the meeting that night. Upstairs, she sees Jules and says that she couldn't find any information on Arcadia. Jules is still worried Jenna will ruin everything for their family but Jenna asks her to trust her.

That night, Jenna breaks into the school and watches the parents as they vote on Logan, using a black or a white marble. Brooks counts the votes and then offers his condolences to Logan's parents as they break down crying. He promises them that Logan will always have a place in the community and they already have his tree chosen. Brooks addresses the entire meeting, saying that while many of them have sacrificed children to the cause, including himself, that they've saved many more.

Jenna gets out and sees Logan being hauled away. She tries to get him out of the van without success and the guards spot her. Jenna goes back home and asks for Jules' help. She tells Jules to lie to their parents about where she's going and then meet her at a different spot so they can run away together. She leaves and waits for Jules, but her sister brings Brooks, their parents, and the security guards. Jules says that she doesn't want Jenna ruining things any more. The guard put Jenna into a security van labeled "Arcadia Fertilizer Company."

Later, the Winslows are gathered in front of their house where a new evergreen has been planted. Each of them puts a bit of fertilizer around the base and Jules smiles as her parents praise her as a good child.