Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2002 on UPN

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  • Something Chillingly Wrong

    When I saw the ending to this Twilight Zone, I was shocked that there was no real lesson offered, leaving the viewer with some twisted Nazi vision; a "final solution" to dysfunctional teens. The very suggestion of extermination as the answer to a problem was not effectively dealt with.

    A few right wing nutcase viewers would enjoy the solution this show offered. A much better script would have been to show the bad things that happen by exterminating people for non-conformity to a community's social values such as the movie Pleasantville conveyed so effectively.

    I did not feel this show was written well.
  • This was just ceap combo of Logan's Run,Schindler's List, and Soylent Green with bad results.

    A teenager's wrost nightmare is when everyone is agianist you because you want to be different. Everyone tried to made the girl, who was going through a rebelous phase, 'acceptable' to their standards by druging her and redo her body when she was out cold, and when she still tries to be different, the whole county judges (with marables! What BULL!) to see if she lives or not. And the one person she trusted completely turns her in.

    No family is perfect and we control what everyone thinks it right, but most of all, life is precious. Just because a person dosen't meet your standards dosen't mean she/he is completely. Give them time and that one person who you believed would amount to nothing might surprise you.
  • Troublesome teen discovers the horrors of her new home

    This story is hardly what you'd call original. Troubled teen whose parents go to desperate measures to change, creepy suburbia and children forced into being good are hardly new themes but the story makes them work. The lead actress is great as is her sister. The close bond between them seems tight, until we see the bubbling resentment underneath. The ending is suprisingly shocking. Teenagers becoming trees actually becomes disturbing rather than slighly amusing. And the families apparently nonchalant reaction makes it all the more unnerving.
    Unusually, this episode seems to have no clear moral message. I thought it would be 'You can't stop creativity and rebbelion', though that is exactly what this community is doing. In a sense, it is more of an outright creepy tale rather than one with a moral.
  • Exactly what the Twilight Zone was meant to be.

    There have been many complaints written about this third Twilight Zone TV series, some justified. However, taken as a whole, this series is still better than the 80's CBS series, which unfortunately was made very cheaply and in its third season used cheap canadian actors and very cheap production values. This series looks great and has great score music by Mark Snow (The X-Files and Smallville). However, the opening credit music is horrible. (Jonathan Davis of Korn???!!) I loved Evergreen and I'm wondering if anyone noticed an amazing irony in this episode. Amber Tamblyn's character ends up being captured and killed by a company called Arcadia. Less than a year later, she is playing the title role in a TV series called Joan Of Arcadia. Sounds like something out of the Twilight Zone.
  • The best episode of the third Twilight Zone series

    I can see why this episode was picked as the opener for the new series. It had all the elements that mirrored the original 1950s series: plot concerning morals, story that keeps you guessing, and not one but two great TWISTS to the ending--what Arcadia was & how the older sister is no longer the bad seed by trying to protect her younger sister but it turns out the younger sister is really the bad seed, run by jealousy & prejudice by turning in her sister since she "always ruins everything" and being the golden child in her parents eyes. I literally had goose bumps when I saw what was written on the "Arcadia" truck and the expression on the younger sister as they are planting the tree.

    To clarify a few things from the previous reviewer--in the Twilight Zone, nothing is as of the real world. Many of the original 1950's stories dealt with people with traits not of the norm. You can't analyze an episode as if it was a drama like CSI. Think about it--there would be no gated community like Evergreen where problem children are turned into fertilizer for a tree planted in their memory. It just wouldn't happen. But then again, stories like Evergreen are what sets the Twilight Zone apart from most TV shows.

    Also, the marbles used in the voting was how things were done in earlier days--I guess a reference to the traditional values cherished by this gated community. Notice how the marbles are black & white--black marbles were used as a negative voting measure--hence the term "BLACKBALLING" as stated from the Miriam-Webster Dictionary:

    1)to vote against; especially : to exclude from membership by casting a negative vote

    2)to exclude socially : OSTRACIZE b : BOYCOTT)

    Again--one shouldn't look to Twilight Zone episodes for fact--but for great writing that will leave you on the edge of your seat.