Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 20

Future Trade

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

A beleaguered husband and father named Martin Donner is on his computer when he receives an ad. It's an ad for Future Trade. Martin goes to work, and sees the ads again on a computer screen there. This time he checks it out. He writes down their address and goes to their offices. He fills out an application and talks to a representative, Mr. Gordon. The representative explains to him that they trade futures, people's futures. Someone who is unhappy with their life comes to them, they find someone else with the life he wants, and each person takes the other's life. To everyone else the traders look the same, but they look like themselves to each other. Martin decides to do it. The representative tells him that once he gets into the life, he only has 24 hours to cancel it if he isn't satisfied.

Martin gets his new life. He has a great new car, a huge house, and a gorgeous wife, Francesca. He goes to his first board meeting and learns that he'll have a 7-figure executive bonus and a 300% salary increase. However, Martin goes back to Future Trade because he can't believe how good his life is going. Mr. Gordon tells him there is no catch but if he finds something wrong, he can cancel the trade at 8 o'clock that night but no later. Martin decides to spy on his old family-–they seem to be doing fine with the new guy.

On his way into his driveway of his mansion, Martin almost runs into some strange guy as he leaves. When Martin confronts Francesca about it, she seems a little guilty. But she gives him a gift, an 18th century Bolivian stone headpiece, and claims Eduardo delivered it and then had a glass of wine to celebrate. Martin forgets about Eduardo. As 8 o'clock is approaching, Martin and his new wife are drinking wine together. He thinks everything is going to be great but then Francesca reveals her plan. She poisoned him so that she and Eduardo could take all his money. Martin tries to crawl to the phone but collapses, paralyzed. Eduardo arrives and tosses Martin into the pool and then departs with Francesca.