Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 12

Harsh Mistress

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

We meet a man named Corey Williams. He's always wanted to a rock star. The only problem is he has no talent at all. He sells a bunch of his old records and buys a classic guitar. When he gets home and takes the guitar out of the bag, it's not the same one he bought. There's blood all over it. He matches it up with a poster. He finds out it's the same exact guitar his hero Bobby McCain had used, and blown his brain all over. He starts to play on it and surprisingly to him and his friend, he plays it well. He goes to audition for Kirsten Lovejoy's band. He does so well, the manager says, "Screw Kirsten" and they take Corey solo. While recording a song, Corey keeps asking to take more takes. He had done 54 when they noticed that his fingers were bleeding. Three weeks later, his record, Whitefire, has hit platinum. At his party, him and his manager's assistant, Ashley, get to talking and flirting. He invites her back to his place. When they are on the bed kissing, he can't get the guitar off of him. When he finally does, a string snaps and cuts him in the face. While they were having sex, he notices that the guitar has been moved, it's now standing up after he had thrown it on the ground. The next morning, him and Ashley are talking about the guitar. She mentions that the guitar's owner before McCain was C.C. Hollister. He also killed himself. She jokes about it being cursed. She picks it up and starts playing it. The guitar strap, on its own, wraps around her neck, choking her to death. Corey tries explain to his manager that it was the guitar who killed Ashley, and not him. His manager thinks he has gone nuts. On a video shoot, Corey decides to use another guitar. When he plugs it in, the guitar electrocutes him. He follows a wire plugged into the amp and sees that it's plugged into his haunted guitar. He picks it up and plays it, but during the song, he jumps on a wall and starts to destroy the guitar. He runs outside, hops in a car, and starts driving really fast. All of a sudden, the radio starts playing his song and he didn't turn it on. He sees that the guitar is in his backseat. He tells it that it is going to stop killing people now. He drives into a wall and the impact causes a huge explosion. As cops are investigating the car, they find the guitar, barely scratched... We cut to a scene inside a pawnshop where a lady is strumming that same guitar, the clerk is telling her it once belonged to C.C Hollister, Bobby McCain, and Corey Williams. The scene fades out as she says "I'll take it!"
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