Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 33

How Much Do You Love Your Kid?

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2003 on UPN

Episode Recap

Donna and Ted Sidchek are having breakfast with their son Wylie. Ted has an out-of-town job interview and assures Donna that he's sure to get the position. He says goodbye to Wylie and sees him off on the school bus, and then heads to the airport. Donna has a masseur come in but is interrupted when the school calls to tell her that Wylie never arrived.

Donna goes to the police station only to discover that a reality TV show host, Nick Dark, is waiting for her with his camera crew. He tells her that Donna is the newest contestant in How Much Do You Love Your Kid? The program has all of the proper license fees and permits and the police refuse to do anything. Nick explains that Donna has 60 minutes to find her son and win $500,000. He shows Donna video of a man wearing a ski mask hauling Wylie off in a car. The desk sergeant gives Donna her first clue, which leads to a nearby park. Nick and his crew provide Donna with a SUV and a driver and travel with her, getting footage. En route, Donna calls Ted and tries to explain to him over the bad connection what's going on. He manages to tell her that he's on his way.

Donna and the film crew arrive at the park and Donna starts begging people to tell her if they've seen Wylie. She finally realizes that a hot dog vendor has the next clue, which sends her to a nearby stable. Nick is busy trying to interview her about her feelings as she runs to the stable. There she finds a custodian who gives her the third clue. When she can't figure it out, Nick tells her that Wylie is outside. Donna runs outside in time to see the masked abductor drive off in a car with Wylie. Donna takes the wheel of the show van and drives after the man with her son. He goes off the road, crashes, and manages to limp away, leaving Wylie behind.

The police and paramedics arrive and confirm that Wylie is scratched up but otherwise unharmed. Donna isn't consoled, and Nick apologizes. However, he then tells her that she can either take the $500,000, or hunt down the kidnapper with Nick's help. He gives her a gun and tells her that if she kills the man, she'll get a million dollars. Donna furiously accepts and forces one of the camera men to tell her where the kidnapper is. She then steals the SUV and drives off, with Nick and his crew in hot pursuit.

Donna spots the man limping down the street. She gets out of the SUV and pursues him through the neighborhood backyards. She finally corners the man in her own house. He rips off his hood and reveals that he's Ted. He explains that they were short on money and need the million dollars. When Donna points out that Wylie was hurt, Ted insists that the boy is okay and was enjoying himself. Angry, Donna shoots Ted, killing him. Nick arrives and tells her that she's won... and she can now use the million dollars to buy the best legal defense that money can buy.