Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

A woman hiker being chased by something moving very fast. She is pulled down by a man who tells her that two other people have been killed by the thing. When he stands up to look, she gets taken away, then he gets murdered by the mysterious thing too.

Jeff, a volunteer cop living in a futuristic society, is about to go after a Kreetor, the planet's last known murderer. He says goodbye to his wife Kelly and his baby son Anthony. Kelly is worried that he won't come back and Jeff assures her that he'll deal with the Kreetor and everything will go back to normal.

Jeff and his four other team members go out into the woods hunting after the Kreetor. The Kreetor takes out one member of the team, Kim, but the team proceeds with their mission per orders from base. They camp for the night and Jeffrey talks to Lt. Yarrow about how his grandfather was killed by a Kreetor and his body mutilated. Hughes and Wolowicz are worried about Kim, but Jeffrey figures the kreetor is trying to set a trap. Suddenly a huge wooden spike gets thrown threw Hughes' chest and he dies. Wolowicz becomes enraged and runs, shooting blindly into the dark. He is taken away by the Kreetor.

The next morning, Jeff and the last surviving member of his crew, Yarrow, cover up Hughes and get orders to pull back to the checkpoint. Jeff insists on ending his nightmare and killing the Kreetor, and Yarrow refuses to abandon him. They go out to search for the Kreetor. While they are walking, they see the bodies of their dead team members hanging from a tree. A wooden spike comes flying at them and they just barely dodge it. Jeff shoots at the Kreetor but doesn't hit it. The Kreetor captures Yarrow and takes her away. Jeff hears her screams in the distance. He finds her strung up on a tree like he found the others--she isn't dead yet. But the Kreetor knocks Jeff out, then kills Yarrow.

The Kreetor drags Jeff back to his home in a cave. He brings him there to help a pregnant woman, but she's already dead. The Kreetor realized that Jeff was a doctor and brought him there to help. Jeff refuses, accusing him of murdering his patrol. The Kreetor grabs his arm ,and cuts off his hand, and says that he didn't murder anyone because Jeff and his people aren't alive: they're cyborgs. The hole in Jeff's arm reveals wires and metal. He continues, noting that humans created Jeff's race out of cyborg parts and human DNA. say, "Where do you think "Kreetor" came from? They were the creators: the "kreetor." The cyborgs stole the humans' cultures and emotions, but the humans plan to get them back. Jeff grabs a spear and kills him. As the human lies dying, he says that Jeff is just a machine with no soul.

Later, Jeff tells his wife that she shouldn't worry because that was the last Kreetor and if there are any more Kreetors, he will kill them. Then he tells her to unplug the baby and come to bed.
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