Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 30

It's Still a Good Life

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on UPN

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  • Why did they re-made the classic?

    When I watch the orginal version (which was a orginal, but flawed, in its time), all I wished for was to to bash in that little brick! And that plot twist in the end, though unexpected, was weak!

    I mean, come on! The duaghter was the only one free the world from that A-Hole and she just didn't do it! Her father was a demon on earth and anyone in the town knew that, he even set a blaze the father of his duaghter's friend right infront of her, he even sent his own wife away! Jeez, if was Anthony's kid, I would sent him to the cornfield in a snap!
  • Remaking the classic.

    So they attempted to remake one of the original classics of the series, ... and they succeeded.

    I must have watched the original a dozen times.

    Other shows have capitalised on the idea (supernatural -> Lilith).

    It was no surprise the 2002 series would do the same.

    The child-monster has grown up and still terrorises the people of his town.

    People need to be happy 24/7 or face the now grown-up monster, who will "banish" them to the "cornfields".

    But things have changed, the monster apparently has very human needs and fathered a daughter.

    We are told by Forrest that she has no powers, but that quickly changes as the episode unfolds.

    We found out the young girl has more powers than her father.

    This comes as a relief to the monsters mother, who lives in terror day in day out, hoping her granddaughter can kill her insanly unhuman son.

    In a classic classic Twilight Zone way, the little girl turns on her grandmother and the people of the town and makes her father (the monster) live in terror of her.

    She brings back everything he hates, and destroys everything he loves.

    This is most likely the best episode of the new series.
  • The pinacle of the 2002 version of Twilight zone, and the perfect sequal.

    One of the most memorable episodes in the original Twilight Zones was "It's a good life".

    The newer Twilight Zone tried to recapture some of the original's magic, and failed miserably, there was the teacher who saw who was going to die because of a halo around their faces, or the Monsters are on Maple street, both extremely obvious and boring remakes of the originals with slight changes (wow instead of a war we have a school shooting, who could have seen that coming. And WOW! the ending was so shocking I couldn't have seen it coming... 40 years ago)

    There's a vast difference in the show of the the 50s, compared to the show of 2002. The acting calibur is a bit lower, and the fact that special effects were either overshadowing the story, or barely beat the original series. But this story took the original and did exactly what should have been done with the series, updated the graphics (but not too much), and wrote a very believable story.

    Above all that, they got the immensly talented actors who had created the original story and characters, Cloris Leachman reprises her role as the mother, and Bill Mumy, the "monster" has reprised his role with a startling accuracy. And in what could be considered a bit of nepotism, Lilian Mumy plays the Bill Mumy's daughter. However she pulls off the role, not just well, but flawlessly.

    Overall this was a great episode, and wonderful sequal, while it'll make some fans a little sad or disappointed, the episode was the highest point of the series, and while it's not the greatest thing ever on tv, it deserves acclaim for great story, wonderful acting, and a homage to the original that didn't insult the fan, nor insult the original.