Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 30

It's Still a Good Life

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2003 on UPN

Episode Recap

Forty-six years ago, Anthony Fremont was born with the power to do… anything he wished. At the age of 6 he made everything in the world except his home town of Peaksville, Ohio, disappear, and forced the residents to live with his whims and dislikes. Now he has a young daughter, Audrey, but she didn't inherit his powers.

Audrey is playing with her friend Timmy when she accidentally falls out of a tree. Anthony hears her cry and comes running, and starts to blame Timmy. Anthony's mother, Agnes, tries to prevent her son from killing Timmy. Audrey finally asks her father not to kill Timmy and Anthony agrees. However, he sees Timmy's father George and blames him, accusing him of thinking bad thoughts about Anthony. Anthony sets George on fire in front of his son and then sends him to the cornfield.

Audrey is mad that Anthony killed off the only friend she had: none of the other kids will play with her. Agnes gets her to calm down and shield her thoughts. However, Audrey glares at a photo of Anthony… and shatters it with her mind. Agnes realizes that Audrey has inherited her father's powers after all, and she can read her father's mind.

Later, Audrey asks Anthony why he sends people to the cornfield and he claims it's for their own good. She asks him if he can bring them back again and he admits he can't. Afterward, Agnes takes Audrey for a walk and then has her granddaughter demonstrate her abilities for their neighbor, Lorna. Agnes now has a weapon that she can use to get revenge against Anthony, who killed her daughter-in-law and her husband.

The next night is bowling night and Anthony plays a perfect game… again. Agnes praises him but Anthony notices that everyone is watching Audrey. Agnes manages to distract Anthony and then confronts Lorna, who is drinking heavily and admits she told the others they finally have some hope. Anthony fixates on Joe and tells him to play a game. Afraid of losing and the consequences it'll bring, Joe pitches a gutter ball but Anthony gets angry. This time Audrey manages to calm him down and asks to go home. As he leaves, Anthony starts to sense something from the townspeople. Later, he goes to confront Lorna and demands to know what she's hiding.

Agnes is showing Audrey an old photo album with pictures of all the things that Anthony got rid of because they annoyed him and made him afraid. She mentions how nobody has a watch after she once scolded Anthony for being late. Audrey concentrates… and brings back Agnes' watch. Anthony comes home and says he knows everyone knows about Audrey's power. He has her demonstrate her abilities by making the photo album disappear and he's happy she finally has revealed her power. He then tells Agnes there'll be a town meeting the next day, and for now what it's about will be his secret.

At the meeting, the townspeople find Lorna, brain-dead thanks to Anthony. He accuses them of lying to him and tells them to choose four people from among them for him to kill. Agnes asks him to punish her for leading the conspiracy but he refuses. Angry, Agnes curses him for ever being born and says that if he wants to kill a "bad person," he should destroy himself. She screams at Audrey to send Anthony to the cornfield. Audrey can't bring herself to do it, and when Joe attacks Anthony, Audrey sends him to the cornfield. She then sends her grandmother and all the other people away, and tells Anthony they don't need anyone but each other.

Later at home, Anthony admits he's lonely and Audrey says she has something to cheer him up. She takes him outside, concentrates... and brings back the rest of the world. Audrey is eager to see all the things that she's never seen or heard before. A car pulls up and an irritable couple honks the horn to get directions. Anthony and Audrey prepare to leave… and figure that everyone had better be nice to them, or else.