Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 18

Mr. Motivation

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

At Trized Pharmaceuticals, Charlie's co-workers sing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow because it's his birthday. His boss Rick comes in and breaks up the gathering, then gives Charlie a little doll he got from a garage sale as a present. The doll is called Mr. Motivation--when you press his head, he says pre-recorded motivational phrases. Rick then tells Charlie that he'll need it because he needs Charlie to go through massive amounts of records to find a manifest on a birth control drug, Overtril. Charlie tries to tell him that it would be impossible for him to do it but his boss tells him to do it or he's fired. Charlie keeps pressing the doll's head down and it gives him advice that seems to oddly yet specifically pertain to his situations. Finally Mr. Motivation gives him enough inspiration that Charlie asks his co-worker Linda out for dinner that night. Rick keeps calling Charlie and finally tells him that he wants him to find a document so that he can change a date on the Overtril so that he won't have to spend tons of money recalling it. Right when he finds the document, the doll starts talking to him. Mr. Motivation tells Charlie that he shouldn't be a doormat to his boss, and that he should stand up for himself. Charlie confronts his co-worker Joe, thinking it's a prank, but Joe has no idea what he's talking about. Rick comes to Charlie's cubicle and grabs the document but on the way out, he trips on a wire. Rick tells him to forget about getting the promotion and storms away. When Charlie pulls the wire out from under his desk, he finds the doll hanging onto it. Charlie takes the doll to the restroom and talks to it. Mr. Motivation tells Charlie that he shouldn't be so spineless and that he was really trying to kill Rick. Charlie doesn't believe the doll so he tosses it down a disposal chute. But when he gets back to his cubicle, Rick calls him to his office. Rick yells at him, saying that if he wants to fight, he won't be pulling any punches. Charlie sees the doll and it has a note attached to an Overtril label saying, "Is your secret safe?" Rick figures that Charlie is trying to blackmail him so he gives him a promotion to stay quiet. However, he makes Charlie break off his date with Linda that the doll helped him get earlier, so that he can work all night. Linda tells Charlie that sometime he's going to have to stick up to Rick. So Charlie sneaks into Rick's office and steals the document back so that he can turn Rick in for fraud. Rick comes in, realizes what he's doing, and chases him out of his office. He beats Charlie up in front of all the workers takes the folder from Charlie, but Charlie is still holding the one incriminating page. Rick goes back after Charlie but this time he trips on a wire that the doll put down, and knocks himself out. Everyone cheers and Charlie kisses Linda. A few days later, Charlie comes in as the new boss. He bumps into an employee in the hallway and threatens him just like Rick would have, and then goes into his office. However, Charlie has second thoughts and calls the guy and told him to forget what he said, he's doing a great job. Mr. Motivation, standing on his desk, compliments him and says he's the man.
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