Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 2

One Night at Mercy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2002 on UPN

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  • Death is a 24-hour job...

    The episode itself was good though perhaps not one of the best in the series. I did, however, like Jason Alexander's (George from Seinfeld) portrayal of death. Noting ominous about "Death" in this episode, just a guy doing his 9-5 job. Or 24-hour job in this case! It's an interesting realization about death. That it is necessary. Overpopulation, never-ending pain - just two of the reasons explored in this episode as to why death is necessary. Also a cool part to the story when Death remembers Dr. Jay from when he visited the hospital before, the reason why he became a doctor.
  • An Episode that vaguely reflects a 1962 episode from the Twilight Zone known as \"Nothing in the Dark\".

    It offers an alternative point of view where Mr. Death is unwilling to take lives for a day. Death is finally convinced by a doctor (Death\'s next vicitim) to ease the suffering of those dying, but not dead, yet. Where as in \"Nothing in the Dark\", the old lady does everything to stop death from taking her.