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  • Works...

    It's no stretch of the imagination to say that Rod Serling's 1959 sci-fi drama 'The Twilight Zone' is a classic series that ranks up there with the best shows of all time. In fact, it's so obvious, it's almost a statement of fact cowardly disguised as an opinion. It's like people who say they are against war or don't like death. Really? Wow, that's bold.

    So, Serling's creation is a classic. I can sit and bask in all its black-and-white glory, low budget effects and post-nuclear to-the-camera moralizing during New Year's Day marathons on the Sci-Fi Channel for hours on end. This is not 'the real' Twilight Zone' but UPN's debunked experiment to remake the series and update it for a new generation (hosted by a wildly miscast Forest Whitaker). However, I approach this show not as a cockeyed purist or one of the many pseudo-intellectuals who insists that entertainment was better back in the day. 'The Twilight Zone', and it's unforgettable formula, is exactly the type of series that can be resurrected and re-invented for future generations in response to the needs and fears of the current political and social climate of that generation. As it has already been tried once before in 1985 with lukewarm results.

    This show doesn't even come close to rising to the challenge or exploring the entirely free universe that the premise provides its writers. This is a sell-out, bargain basement 'Twilight Zone'-lite. Aside from great writing, creepy premises and patented ending twists, the biggest asset Serling brought to 'Twilight' was incalculable passion. It was his baby. All of which this show lacks in spades. It's unclear if the writers are lazily coasting on the show's namesake or working under Serling's shadow constantly in fear of doing anything bold and screwing up. The ironic thing is that, like the original, this remake could have probably gotten by with phony special effects and campy acting if it had something to say. But the stories are tedious. Pure sci-fi movie-of-the-week trash. When they couldn't make original episodes work, they resorted to guest stars and glamorous babes to titillate the audience with cheap soft-core stories (such as fictitious sex-pot women created via writing or holograms who soon start acting human) . When that didn't work, the show resorted to simply re-creating classic 'Zone' episodes. Something this series does have to it's name is an eye-catching roster of talented guest stars. See Amber Tamblyn before her breakout series and Dylan Walsh before hi. See veteran actors like Jason Alexander, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christopher McDonald, Cloris Leachman. More appealing is the chance to see character actors that have caught my eye over the years and I so can't get enough of I'd even watch this show to see what they can bring to it. That list includes such criminally ignored versatility as Linda Cardellini ('Freaks and Geeks'), Christopher Titus ('Titus'), Jeremy Piven ('Cupid'), Jason Bateman & Portia De Rossi (pre-'Arrested Development'), Vivica A. Fox ('Getting Personal'), Patrick Warburton & Wayne Night ('Seinfeld'), Xander Berkley ('24'), Robin Tunney, Alicia Witt ('Cybill'), Paul Rodriguez and even Jessica Simpson. But in the end, the guest star on the title draws us in like a fly to the bug zapper. That's what makes this all the tougher to watch. To see these people working with material so far below their means is almost sad. 'The Twilight Zone' could have been so much more then just letting us see what 'The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street' would look like with a new cast and the social climate it was pertinent in now 40 years in the past. I'm harsh on this show because I do not believe that there are no new ideas or that this hackery is a fraction of what the creative minds of this generation can come up with. You're better off with the 'Futurama' homage 'The Scary Door' over this.
  • A remake of the original Twilight Zone.

    All too often when doing a remake, the creators do not think about why the original was so popular.

    This is a classic example. All the way down to the theme song, they tried to make everything more modern to appeal to a new audience. However, this is a new generation with totally new ideas and thoughts. You can not just us an electric guitar to play the old music, you must either use the old or write a new piece.

    The same goes for the episodes. The ones that were amazing for a generation ago will not have the same impact on this current generation. It is just a simple fact.

    For that reason, this show did not succeed. It would have been better for them to simply rerun old episodes, or try to start an entirely new show that was similar, like the Outer Limits.

    I appreciated the desire to create another show of this style, but they really did not do very well.
  • You would think that after this many decades and with a movie behind it's belt as well as another version of the series from the 1980s, that by the time the millenium arrived, someone could manage to master the original 1960s series 4 decades later (lol).

    Truthfully, that is a difficult task to do and we clearly see that in this 2002 version of the TV series.

    "Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" and "Eye Of The Beholder" are practically remade, only the question is why remake something if all that is being done, aside from hiring new actors, is adding color as compared to the original b&w?

    "It's A Good Life" with Billy Mumy is cleverly attempted to be remade complete with Mumy reprising his role as the same exact boy, now grown with a daughter of his own possessing the same "send off into the cornfield" tranference powers. Even more brilliant treat to find that it is actually Mumy's real life daughter playing the role. And the biggest treat of all is Cloris Leachman reprising her role as Mumy's mother. In this episode, we clearly see a little chemistry in the rebonding of Leachman and Mumy as mother and son. Only the episode seems to be a bit more vicious than the original, which mainly concentrated on the boy's seemingly innocence actually being a holy terror. None of that magic which made the original work so well is created in this episode, although it's fun to hear a lot of the original's lines used: "It's a good thing. A very good thing.", etc. However, the plot becomes a "Who is more evil? The boy or his daughter? And will she turn against him to side with his mother/her grandmother?" In the end, we get our answer.

    Mumy, probably being one the main child actors back then was used several times in the original series and in this series we get a taste of one the biggest child actors familys of all time with one of the Culkin boys, who happens to be the only boy to star in any of the series episodes. Macaulay's littlest brother Rory plays in an episode where one of his toy model avenger's comes to life to help the taunted boy against his abusive father and some mean bullies. Surprisingly, Rory gives formerly cutester Macaulay a run for his money with some believable acting. However, the episode could be better. The super hero avenger ends up being a failure in the end and the episode becomes as weak as he does.

    "The Collection" with (now superstar) Jessica Simpson is another stand-out episode, which does not seem to be based on any of the original series episodes (certainly not "The Living Doll" with Terry Savales). Jessica's acting is barely believable but acceptible. The storyline plot is nicely written although one could come up with a better one as many doll-to-life movies (Chucky, etc) we've seen the past few decades. Also, a few more special effects could have been added such as showing us some quick glimpses of the dolls actually running about very quickly with a gasp from Jessica wondering what is going on. One of those, I like it but could have been a little bit better episodes. But nevertheless, could have also been worse as well. I have to commend the series for having Jessica Simpson on as a guest in a perfect role for her as a baby sitter of such a evil little girl. Also, commend Jessica for somehow landing the role. I guess at the time, Britney and Christina were too busy on stage, while this series, will probably live on in popularity through decades of time on DVD mainly due to the popularity of the original series.
  • It's entertaining...

    Don't get me wrong, I like The Twilight Zone!! I used to watch it when living in Holland! But that was the one from 1985!! So I don't really remember because it's more than 8 years ago!! This one, on the other hand, I have on dvd! The first 10 episodes or so were really good in my opinion!! But then slowly the episodes start getting more boring... There were some episodes that I didn't even get!! My favorite epidode is "Sensuous Cindy"!! Especially because Jaime Presley is in it!! She is blonde and hot!! Especially when she starts kissing Samantha at the end of this episode! Hot, Hot, Hot!! Nice Show by the way!!
  • A remake of the orignal '60s series.

    An alright show not the most original though because it is a remake of the original. It just wasn't as creepy as the original was. It didn't have what the original had. It had some pretty creepy episodes and moments. It had some interesting stories and some creepy ones. It just wasn't the first time I've seen the Twilight Zone and it wasn't what the original was.
  • Fun sci-fi TV series with a different story every week.

    This series was originally created by Rod Serling is one of the great writing geniuses of our time. He took TV when it was still pretty new and came up with something totally different. He didnt have all of that high tech computers and digital manipulation that the people of today have and yet nobody can make a show as good as this. He is one of the founding fathers of Sci-Fi in my opinion along with Gene Rodenberry and Isac Asmov. I love it on holidays when they run a twilight zone marathon and I can just watch it all day. This would be a good one to buy on DVD if it is available. I still will watch the new versions of twilight zone and outer limits, but neither one is as good as the original. His Night Gallery was great too.
  • this show was good and didnt last long, but why didnt last that long only 2002-2003?

    why this show didnt air for a while? nobody didnt like it or not? come bring this show back for couple more seasons. people still like this kinda stuff, i bought the boxset. and didnt had that many episodes. the show was great. just wish they bring the show back and do more episodes.
  • This show features everyday people put in strange out-of-this-world experiences. This is the third installment of this series.

    This is a great show to watch on weekend nights. The oldest version is a true classic but this version is highly entertaining itself. Since Rod Serling was not around to do the writing anymore there was bound to be a drop off. The show still manages to be better than most of the other shows currently out there. Even some of the re-hashed storylines aren't too bad since you get to see current actors and actresses playing the parts. It's kind of like when a classic song is covered by a current day music group. It use really bother me as I would think that the current day band or singer was just trying to ride someone else’s coat tails. However I have come to learn that in music, movies and television many of today kids would not be exposed to the older material if it were not made popular by someone in the current time.
  • I loved this show when it was on, I missed a lot of episodes and sometimes I didn't really grasp the concept of what was happening but now that I'm older and watch them, they make a lot of sense and they are amazing.

    Whenever I talk about these twilight zone episodes, people just whine and complain about how the old ones were better but I actually dont believe that at all. These episodes are way more interesting, with better looking picture, and up to date sceneries. If anyone is a sci fi fan they should really check out this show. If your someone who is a fan of mystery, then you should really check out this show. If you're someone who just likes TV, then you should check out this show.

    Also, Forest Whitaker as the host was awesome. He did the narrative role great. I really want this show back, with new stories, and him still on it.
  • The improvement of 2002's twilight zone.

    Although, it doesn't come quite as close as the original series and there are some episodes that are either remakes or updates, it's still an improvement to the 1985's version of Twilight Zone.

    We are fortunate enough to have one season of Twilight Zone, that's truer in its story lines of a twisted plot, that is typical of Twilight Zone episodes. Forrest Whitaker is no Rod Serling, but he does add a sense of mystery to the show.

    My favorite episodes would have to be Shades of Guilt, Cold Fusion, and Upgrade. (I'm a big Sims 2 fan, so it has a special place in my heart with Upgrade.)
  • Two decades after a "Twilight Zone" revival had mixed results, Executive Producer Forrest Whitaker produced a solid season that stands up on its own, and is truer to the vision of Rod Sterling than the 1980s version. It definitely merits another look or

    Almost 40 years after the end of the original "Twilight Zone" series, Forest Whitaker presented 43 episodes that generally fit better into the "Zone" format better than the bulk of the 1985 revival... and even moreso, fit closer to the original concept than most of the fourth and fifth seasons of the original series.

    The result? While there weren't the ultra-high highs offered by the first two series, absolute clunkers were few and far between in the 2002 version.

    Noteworthy episodes include:

    The harrowing "Evergreen" (a rebellious teenager has trouble adjusting to her new neighborhood, in which miscreants are sent to "Arcadia")

    The lyrical "Dream Lover" (a cartoonist in the midst of writer's block creates an all-too-real companion)

    "Dead Man's Eyes" (a widow experiences the last few moments of her husband's life when she puts on his eyeglasses)

    The scary "Upgrade" (a woman finds out too late the result of a careless wish said at the wrong place -- and all she wanted was the perfect family)

    "Sanctuary" (when they leave their cars in the middle of their commute, a man and a woman find themselves cut off from civilization in an isolated house)

    "Gabe's Story" (a ne'er-do-well finds out that the reason for his incessant bad luck was that someone was actually writing his life story)

    "Fair Warning" (George has an evil twin who wants to kill a flower shop clerk)

    "Into the Light" (a reworking of the original "Zone" episode "The Purple Testament," but set at a high school instead of a battlefield)

    Unlike the 1985 edition, the remakes of original series' episodes -- and there were several -- were not generally high points but usually true to the original with a little updating.

    Comparisons with the original series are unfair, since we tend to idealize the trailblazing series by remembering the impact of the best episodes and forgetting the bad ones (and there were quite a few bad ones in the last two years of the original "Zone"), but on the whole this was an excellent series that deserved more attention than it received. It deserves another look -- or two, or three -- with an open mind, on its own.

  • A great show that never got a chance.

    I loved this version of the Twilight Zone. Forest Whitaker does a good job as narrator. You can't compare this version to the original because the original was made in a completely different era. This show is true to the orginal , but in a modern setting that people can relate to. I think they did a great job with this show but people didn't catch on and it was never given a chance. I recently came across it on saturday nights after not seeing it on for awhile and its still as good as I remembered it.

    Please bring it back!
  • Great Idea...

    With all of the remakes popping up all over the TV & film industry lately, The Twilight Zone definitely sounds like one that could have worked. It had great nostalgic value and great names guest starring. However, all of this obviously does not equal a long lasting series.

    The series definitely had the right guest stars, but at times it felt as though the talent was wasted. When the plots were good, they were really good. But when the plots weren't so great, they were just ridiculous. And big names can't save it, no matter how much they try. While most of the stories seem like an interesting idea, some just don't seem to translate to the small screen that well.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely watch all the reruns of this show that I can catch. It's definitely worth viewing--just prepare to either be amazed or really disappointed, depending on which episode you see.
  • It's not completely fair to judge this show by the original.

    It's not completely fair to judge this show by the original. The original series was created by Rod Serling who also served as one of the writers and as host of the show. He was most certainly a master of the genre.

    This version of the series has had its share of interesting, thoughtful and thought provoking stories. While the original gave many actors a start on their careers, the new series attracts actors who don't often make television appearances.

    Like the original, it does attract genre writers who might not otherwise write for television while allowing some actors to try something a little different than the usual role he/she might be offered.
  • Complete waste of time and money, for the studio that is. A good show? Yes, but it looses the exact essence of Twilight Zone it apes. A review of the changes of 50 years of cinema.

    The Twilight Zone is probably one of the original cult favorites. It's easily in the halls of Classic Tv, if not given it's own room. It creeped and stirred the imagination while bringing an interesting story.

    The "new" Twilight Zone does the same thing. But it's not the same show, and by taking the original's name one should expect more of the show than just being similar.

    The show has only one main actor, Forest Wittaker, and he's a great front man, for another show. He's perhaps the most Rod Serling-like character that they could have had, but it's different, Rod Serling's persona was created from he's got a very normal look, yet creepy story told in soothing tones that just sounds like a story from another world. Forest Wittaker feels like he's ready to jump the viewer and shove the story down his throat. Wittaker seems to push a bit harder than Rod Serling, and the problem is it's not needed at all. Rod Serling never sold the story, he just narrated the begining and ending messages, but Wittaker appears to need to push it for what ever reason.

    This brings us to the "star" of the show. The story itself. The story is significantly weaker, and it's not due to the writting, it's due to the overall work. There's almost too much emphasize on the effects and set of the show. The actors range from great to mediocre, however it rarely grabs and stakes the show.

    Basically the entire series is similar to this, it takes the ideas of the original story, but never takes the essence of them. Instead of small sets the entire show ranges over four or five luxurious sets that just feel like there's a waste in money.

    The original series proved how little is needed to enthrall the mind, the newest series however only illustrates how wasteful a studio can be with a big name license. This show would have been handled a lot better if they gave it a smaller budget.

    That's not to say this show is horrible, however it's not the Twilight Zone of the old and the name and license is wasted here. The show however can shine to those who felt the Twilight zone needed a much larger budget or more special effects.

    It's far from the worst thing on TV now, but it doesn't strive to be the best like the original, which is a shame, as the types of production values used back then could still make money for the networks even today.
  • Its not as good as the original but its still great

    This is the 2002 revivial of the twilight zone and it's the second revival Rod serling sadly wasn't in this revial because he died so the narrator is forest whittaker hes an okay narrator. The episodes here are great ones and of course some are bad but the other two twilight zones had the same problem. I think my favorite episode is when a woman is sent back in time to kill hitler the twist endings are here and the great writing. Theres also remakes of the monsters are on maple street and the eye of the beholder. The show was cancelled or ended too soon (im not sure which one it was).
  • Better then you think.

    First, this version is not better then the original, this no way could have been.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this revival of Serling's classic. In fact, there were a couple of episodes that were re-makes of original shows, and one was a sequel to an episode done back on the original series. Beyond those, there were plenty of stories that were original and well done themselves. Also this series had an interesting mix of special guest (Jason Alexander, Usher, Jessica Simpson, Lou Diamond Philips, etc). Also many other people that you will at least reconize their faces.
    This show was certainly superior to the one done back in the mid-'80s. They really seemed to do Mr. Serling proud. It's unfortunate that UPN canceled this after one season. I beleive the show would of shown a better force in a second season.
  • I loved most of the episodes

    I loved how forest whiteker was the host. I have always loved him as an actor. He si so good. As for the show, it had alot of great episodes. Sure, some were only okay. But the majority of hte shows weer entertaining and made ya think. I really wish this show was givin a chance. In my market, it was always moved around so i never knew when it would be on. Only now in repeats do i know when to watch and of course i do. I loved how some of the shows were about aliens or really of the wall subject, yet others were like that could be real.
  • Amazing

    I will admit I never watched this while it was on the air. I thought it looked dumb. But then I went to WalMart and i saw the Complete Series for $15.00 I had to get it. 43 episodes for that price was just to good to be true. I got home and popped in the first DVD and was hooked from the first episode. I could not stop watching! Before I knew it I was puttin in the last DVD. I'm really upset that it didnt last, but at least we can enjoy the reruns.
  • The new Twilight Zone (2002) was really a show that was overlooked. Perhaps because the original show from the 50's was already remade in the 80's only those that were fans of the original series gave this one a look.

    Having read quite a few reviews of this series it seems it wasn't too popular with fans of the original and most people seem to think the 80's remake was better. However, I prefer this remake so much that I bought the 6-disc Season 1 set. Unfortunately, there was only one season! Some of the things I liked best about this show was having the host Forest Whitaker walk around the set in the beginning and end of each episode. Gives it sort of a 3-dimensional feel I think. And come on you gotta love that introduction music - much better than the score for either of the previous series. And of course you get to see a lot of your favorite B-movie and TV show actors make a debut or two. I never watched the show when it aired in 2002. I actually stumbled across it one night on one of the local cable channels and saw the episode "The Pool Guy" with Lou Diamond Phillips. Since LDP is my favorite "non-mainstream" actor, I decide to watch it. The story was good and reminded me of the Outer Limit series I had enjoyed so much a few years ago. I later learned that the same person that produced The Outer Limits also did this Twilight Zone (2002) series. So if you were a fan of the Outer Limits I think it is safe to say you'd enjoy some of these episodes as well. Sure not every story is a good one, but some of them are quite good. Most of the stories take on familiar ground in the Sci-Fi realm, but there are a few twists here and there you aren't likely to expect. Episode 2 "Night Route" comes to mind. And I enjoyed Jason Alexander's (George from Seinfeld) portrayal of "Death" in "One Night at Mercy." The aforementioned "The Pool Guy" is one of the classic episodes in this series. The complete Season 1 can be had on Amazon (NEW) for about $10! Unheard of for a complete season series. The DVD set comes with an episode guide as well. It's certainly worth the $10 if you are a Sci-Fi fan...
  • Great show!

    i really like Horror and suspense movies, and this show has it!! I like all the episodes on this show they always have twists on the end.. Thats why i like this show... Some of the episodes are really scary, and its good to watch them at night... I think the old Twiglight Zone was good too, but i hate watching black and white color movies, and the Twiglight Zone from 1980's is great too .. The new Twilight Zone from 2002 revival series tended to address contemporary issues head-on; terrorism, racism, gender roles, and sexuality. Thats why its great couse those things seem to be the problem now in days..