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  • You would think that after this many decades and with a movie behind it's belt as well as another version of the series from the 1980s, that by the time the millenium arrived, someone could manage to master the original 1960s series 4 decades later (lol).

    Truthfully, that is a difficult task to do and we clearly see that in this 2002 version of the TV series.

    "Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" and "Eye Of The Beholder" are practically remade, only the question is why remake something if all that is being done, aside from hiring new actors, is adding color as compared to the original b&w?

    "It's A Good Life" with Billy Mumy is cleverly attempted to be remade complete with Mumy reprising his role as the same exact boy, now grown with a daughter of his own possessing the same "send off into the cornfield" tranference powers. Even more brilliant treat to find that it is actually Mumy's real life daughter playing the role. And the biggest treat of all is Cloris Leachman reprising her role as Mumy's mother. In this episode, we clearly see a little chemistry in the rebonding of Leachman and Mumy as mother and son. Only the episode seems to be a bit more vicious than the original, which mainly concentrated on the boy's seemingly innocence actually being a holy terror. None of that magic which made the original work so well is created in this episode, although it's fun to hear a lot of the original's lines used: "It's a good thing. A very good thing.", etc. However, the plot becomes a "Who is more evil? The boy or his daughter? And will she turn against him to side with his mother/her grandmother?" In the end, we get our answer.

    Mumy, probably being one the main child actors back then was used several times in the original series and in this series we get a taste of one the biggest child actors familys of all time with one of the Culkin boys, who happens to be the only boy to star in any of the series episodes. Macaulay's littlest brother Rory plays in an episode where one of his toy model avenger's comes to life to help the taunted boy against his abusive father and some mean bullies. Surprisingly, Rory gives formerly cutester Macaulay a run for his money with some believable acting. However, the episode could be better. The super hero avenger ends up being a failure in the end and the episode becomes as weak as he does.

    "The Collection" with (now superstar) Jessica Simpson is another stand-out episode, which does not seem to be based on any of the original series episodes (certainly not "The Living Doll" with Terry Savales). Jessica's acting is barely believable but acceptible. The storyline plot is nicely written although one could come up with a better one as many doll-to-life movies (Chucky, etc) we've seen the past few decades. Also, a few more special effects could have been added such as showing us some quick glimpses of the dolls actually running about very quickly with a gasp from Jessica wondering what is going on. One of those, I like it but could have been a little bit better episodes. But nevertheless, could have also been worse as well. I have to commend the series for having Jessica Simpson on as a guest in a perfect role for her as a baby sitter of such a evil little girl. Also, commend Jessica for somehow landing the role. I guess at the time, Britney and Christina were too busy on stage, while this series, will probably live on in popularity through decades of time on DVD mainly due to the popularity of the original series.
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