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  • Complete waste of time and money, for the studio that is. A good show? Yes, but it looses the exact essence of Twilight Zone it apes. A review of the changes of 50 years of cinema.

    The Twilight Zone is probably one of the original cult favorites. It's easily in the halls of Classic Tv, if not given it's own room. It creeped and stirred the imagination while bringing an interesting story.

    The "new" Twilight Zone does the same thing. But it's not the same show, and by taking the original's name one should expect more of the show than just being similar.

    The show has only one main actor, Forest Wittaker, and he's a great front man, for another show. He's perhaps the most Rod Serling-like character that they could have had, but it's different, Rod Serling's persona was created from he's got a very normal look, yet creepy story told in soothing tones that just sounds like a story from another world. Forest Wittaker feels like he's ready to jump the viewer and shove the story down his throat. Wittaker seems to push a bit harder than Rod Serling, and the problem is it's not needed at all. Rod Serling never sold the story, he just narrated the begining and ending messages, but Wittaker appears to need to push it for what ever reason.

    This brings us to the "star" of the show. The story itself. The story is significantly weaker, and it's not due to the writting, it's due to the overall work. There's almost too much emphasize on the effects and set of the show. The actors range from great to mediocre, however it rarely grabs and stakes the show.

    Basically the entire series is similar to this, it takes the ideas of the original story, but never takes the essence of them. Instead of small sets the entire show ranges over four or five luxurious sets that just feel like there's a waste in money.

    The original series proved how little is needed to enthrall the mind, the newest series however only illustrates how wasteful a studio can be with a big name license. This show would have been handled a lot better if they gave it a smaller budget.

    That's not to say this show is horrible, however it's not the Twilight Zone of the old and the name and license is wasted here. The show however can shine to those who felt the Twilight zone needed a much larger budget or more special effects.

    It's far from the worst thing on TV now, but it doesn't strive to be the best like the original, which is a shame, as the types of production values used back then could still make money for the networks even today.
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