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  • Two decades after a "Twilight Zone" revival had mixed results, Executive Producer Forrest Whitaker produced a solid season that stands up on its own, and is truer to the vision of Rod Sterling than the 1980s version. It definitely merits another look or

    Almost 40 years after the end of the original "Twilight Zone" series, Forest Whitaker presented 43 episodes that generally fit better into the "Zone" format better than the bulk of the 1985 revival... and even moreso, fit closer to the original concept than most of the fourth and fifth seasons of the original series.

    The result? While there weren't the ultra-high highs offered by the first two series, absolute clunkers were few and far between in the 2002 version.

    Noteworthy episodes include:

    The harrowing "Evergreen" (a rebellious teenager has trouble adjusting to her new neighborhood, in which miscreants are sent to "Arcadia")

    The lyrical "Dream Lover" (a cartoonist in the midst of writer's block creates an all-too-real companion)

    "Dead Man's Eyes" (a widow experiences the last few moments of her husband's life when she puts on his eyeglasses)

    The scary "Upgrade" (a woman finds out too late the result of a careless wish said at the wrong place -- and all she wanted was the perfect family)

    "Sanctuary" (when they leave their cars in the middle of their commute, a man and a woman find themselves cut off from civilization in an isolated house)

    "Gabe's Story" (a ne'er-do-well finds out that the reason for his incessant bad luck was that someone was actually writing his life story)

    "Fair Warning" (George has an evil twin who wants to kill a flower shop clerk)

    "Into the Light" (a reworking of the original "Zone" episode "The Purple Testament," but set at a high school instead of a battlefield)

    Unlike the 1985 edition, the remakes of original series' episodes -- and there were several -- were not generally high points but usually true to the original with a little updating.

    Comparisons with the original series are unfair, since we tend to idealize the trailblazing series by remembering the impact of the best episodes and forgetting the bad ones (and there were quite a few bad ones in the last two years of the original "Zone"), but on the whole this was an excellent series that deserved more attention than it received. It deserves another look -- or two, or three -- with an open mind, on its own.