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  • The new Twilight Zone (2002) was really a show that was overlooked. Perhaps because the original show from the 50's was already remade in the 80's only those that were fans of the original series gave this one a look.

    Having read quite a few reviews of this series it seems it wasn't too popular with fans of the original and most people seem to think the 80's remake was better. However, I prefer this remake so much that I bought the 6-disc Season 1 set. Unfortunately, there was only one season! Some of the things I liked best about this show was having the host Forest Whitaker walk around the set in the beginning and end of each episode. Gives it sort of a 3-dimensional feel I think. And come on you gotta love that introduction music - much better than the score for either of the previous series. And of course you get to see a lot of your favorite B-movie and TV show actors make a debut or two. I never watched the show when it aired in 2002. I actually stumbled across it one night on one of the local cable channels and saw the episode "The Pool Guy" with Lou Diamond Phillips. Since LDP is my favorite "non-mainstream" actor, I decide to watch it. The story was good and reminded me of the Outer Limit series I had enjoyed so much a few years ago. I later learned that the same person that produced The Outer Limits also did this Twilight Zone (2002) series. So if you were a fan of the Outer Limits I think it is safe to say you'd enjoy some of these episodes as well. Sure not every story is a good one, but some of them are quite good. Most of the stories take on familiar ground in the Sci-Fi realm, but there are a few twists here and there you aren't likely to expect. Episode 2 "Night Route" comes to mind. And I enjoyed Jason Alexander's (George from Seinfeld) portrayal of "Death" in "One Night at Mercy." The aforementioned "The Pool Guy" is one of the classic episodes in this series. The complete Season 1 can be had on Amazon (NEW) for about $10! Unheard of for a complete season series. The DVD set comes with an episode guide as well. It's certainly worth the $10 if you are a Sci-Fi fan...