Twilight Zone (2002)

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  • I loved this show when it was on, I missed a lot of episodes and sometimes I didn't really grasp the concept of what was happening but now that I'm older and watch them, they make a lot of sense and they are amazing.

    Whenever I talk about these twilight zone episodes, people just whine and complain about how the old ones were better but I actually dont believe that at all. These episodes are way more interesting, with better looking picture, and up to date sceneries. If anyone is a sci fi fan they should really check out this show. If your someone who is a fan of mystery, then you should really check out this show. If you're someone who just likes TV, then you should check out this show.

    Also, Forest Whitaker as the host was awesome. He did the narrative role great. I really want this show back, with new stories, and him still on it.