Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 16

Sensuous Cindy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

Ben and Samantha are getting married. Samantha doesn't want to have sex until they are married in six months. Ben works at a magazine with beautiful women all around him, so temptation is weighing heavily on him. His friend, after fixing his computer, gives him a virtual reality program called "Sensuous Cindy." Ben is hesitant at first but puts on the headgear to start it. All of a sudden he is in a place that looks incredibly real. He touches a candle and it burns him. Then from behind a curtain a woman walks in. She says, "Hello Ben, I've been waiting for you." Ben and the woman start kissing. When she puts him on the bed, he becomes more and more hesitant. He thinks it feels too real and too much like cheating. But he goes with it.

Later that night when he's at home, he gets a call - it's Sensuous Cindy. He doesn't tell Samantha who it was or what he had done with Cindy. In the morning in his office, Cindy tells him that she is in love with him which confuses him because she is just a computer program. When he tries to get on the elevator to go down, it stops and Cindy comes up on the screen. She desperately wants to be with him but he tells her that she meant nothing to him. When she hears this she leaves him in the elevator. He pleads with her to let him out. She does so only so that he will come be with her.

Ben calls his computer-inclined friend to get rid of Cindy. He deletes the program from Ben's computer. But when he gets home, Cindy still keeps popping up everywhere, on Samantha's computer, on his TV, and over the phone. To avoid getting caught by Samantha and so Cindy will stop trying to contact him, he goes to see her in virtual reality.

But this time when they kiss, he passes something on to her. It's a virus that he got from Garrett, his friend who knows about computers, and Cindy disappears.

Samantha calls him and asks him to stop by the store to pick up a few things. She tells him not to hurry back and that she sent him an e-mail of the things they need. They hang up and then she puts the same type of virtual reality headgear that he put on. She goes into the same program and starts to kiss... Sensuous Cindy.

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