Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 11

The Lineman

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2002 on UPN



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    • Host: (opening narration) Tyler Andrew Ward, a telephone linemen and charter member in the fraternity of lonely dreamers. Tyler is about to test what he wishes for to the breaking point and beyond. You might say what you're about to see is impossible. Probably in most places, but not here in The Twilight Zone.

    • Buddy: Maybe--maybe it's that white light stuff. You see any dead relatives?
      Tyler: Now it's coming back to me. Your grandma Ellie begged me to send her little Buddy to join her.
      Buddy: She did?

    • Buddy: Most guys have a picture of Christina Aguilera, bro.
      Tyler: First you get the car, then you get the Aguilera.

    • Sleazy Lawyer: Any reasonable jury would concede that you've been severely wronged.
      Buddy: Does "severely wronged", does it--you know, have an exchange rate in dollars?

    • Shannon: You've made all this money in just a couple of weeks?
      Tyler: Brokers and car dealers are the same creatures inside. Now they can't lie to me. Makes investing very honest and very profitable.

    • Shannon: I think you have a real gift, and I think if you found a good way to use it, you might...
      Tyler: Reveal myself. Do you know what they would do if they found out about me? It would be mythic. The small people rise up and destroy those they fear.
      Shannon: Why would they fear someone who could determine the truth in courts? Help research mental disorders? You might even be able to reach people in comas.
      Tyler: You prepared a speech.

    • Shannon: You're so stupid, and selfish, and I've caused all this and I'm sorry.
      Tyler: I can change things. I now have the power to do anything!
      Shannon: Except to make you who you used to be.

    • Host: (closing narration) Be careful what you wish for. They say the drives of the human primate are to breathe, eat, find shelter, and mate. But what part of the psyche is it that never learns when it's had enough? Insurance companies say lightning strikes are acts of God. Hey, maybe He or She has nothing to do with it. Maybe they are just doorways into The Twilight Zone.

  • Notes

    • This was the first episode produced of The Twilight Zone 2002.

    • This is a full 60-minute episode.

    • The movie that Tyler is watching when he's on the phone with Buddy is Jim Carrey's movie The Mask.

    • When Tyler tells Buddy about the nature of the sleazy lawyer, and his power to read thoughts at the same time, he confesses his power to Buddy in front of Evergreen Cemetery. "Evergreen" is a title of the first episode of The Twilight Zone (although as this episode was produced first, "Evergreen" would have been a later episode.)

    • Bears a conceptual resemblence to the 80's TZ episode "Private Channel", which in turn borrowed somewhat from the original TZ episode "A Penny for Your Thoughts".

  • Allusions

    • Tyler: Yeah, for some kind of Frankenstein.
      Referencing the book by Mary Shelley, Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. The story is about Doctor Frankenstein who creates a living being out of the parts of dead people.