Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 24

The Path

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2003 on UPN

Episode Recap

Tabloid writer Ally Warner and her boyfriend Devin go to a coffee shop and notice a couple of girls scoffing at Ally's parody in the tabloid magazine she writes for. Ally insists they just don't get it. After Devin leaves, Ally spots a man at a nearby table holding a woman's hands and telling her that she'll be okay. The woman thanks him and the man, Kneigh, says that she doesn't owe him anything. Ally goes over and talks to Kneigh, who explains that he was born with the ability to see the path that others are meant to travel. Ally doesn't believe it and dares him to read her. Kneigh takes her hands and tells her that she's unhappy at work, but an opportunity awaits her if she seeks it out. Ally decides to follow Kneigh's advice and goes to the office to follow up on the resumes she sent out. One resume to Brash magazine was delayed in e-mail and she makes sure it gets through. The magazine is interested in hiring her. She goes back to see Kneigh and thanks him, and then asks him to see if her path is to take the job. He reads her path again and tells her that thanks to a secret admirer, she has nothing to worry about. When Ally goes to the interview, she discovers that an old high school friend is the person who wants to hire her. The man, Brad, tells her that he had a crush on her in high school but is hiring her based on her writing skills. However, she'll have to move to Chicago to take the job. Ally's co-worker Seth tells her it's a good career move but Ally wonders what Devin will think. She decides to go to Kneigh despite the fact that Seth is skeptical of his supposed gift. They meet with Kneigh and he tells her that she should go home and the answer to her problem with Devin will present itself. She and Seth go back to her home and discover that Devin is in bed with another woman. The next day, an increasingly desperate Ally returns to the coffee shop and asks for her advice on going to Chicago. This time he tells her to wait but he refuses to explain why. That night, Seth calls Ally to tell her to check the news. The flight she would have taken to Chicago crashed, killing everyone on board. She goes back to thank Kneigh and asks him when she can go to Chicago. He can't read her path and tells her to come back after she's cleared her mind. He helps a couple and Seth arrives to get her out, telling her that she's out of control. Ally insists her questions are important and she ignores Seth's advice. However, Kneigh has left for the day and no one knows where he lives. The next day, Ally wakes up late and runs to the coffee shop. The owner tells her that Kneigh just left. She runs out, screaming his name, and finally spots him crossing a street. He turns back to her… and is hit by a car. Ally runs to his side as he lies dying and begs him for answers of what to do next. Kneigh dies before he can say anything and Ally is left helpless, unable to know her future or act on her own.
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