Twilight Zone (2002)

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2002 on UPN

Episode Recap

Annie is moving her family and their belongings into their new house. She has a family photo hanging up in the living room. However, the perfect family in the portrait are nothing like they are in real life: her kids Tess and Sean argue, her dog Czonka is restless and pees on the furniture, and her husband Philip won't help discipline.

Annie talks about wishing her family could become a new, better one when she notices a strange dog come in. Philip refers to the dog as their dog, Czonka, but it looks nothing like him. Annie is confused as to why Philip is calling this new dog by their old dog's name. When she walks out into the living room and looks up at the portrait, she is shocked. Annie sees that the old dog in the photo is gone, and the new dog is in its place. She argues with Philip about the current dog, not being hers. He has all the papers and photos to show that the "new" Czonka is the dog they've always had. Concerned, Annie calls her friend and real estate agent, Yasmine, who tries to reassure her.

That night, Philip brings champagne to bed and tries to comfort her. Annie starts to relax until she notices that Czonka is outside. She turns off the lights and rolls over.

The next morning when Annie comes into the kitchen, she notices a teenager going through their refrigerator. He turns around, gives her a kiss on the cheek, and leaves. She asks her daughter Tess who it was. Tess tells her that it was Sean, her son. Annie runs out of the room calling for Sean to come down. She runs up the stairs but trips and falls. When Annie enters the living room, she sees the family photo again. This time, she sees two new kids replacing her original ones. She turns around and sees a new, blond-haired Tess from the photo.

Annie is upset because she figures that what has happened to the dog and the kids, might happen to Philip. He sends the kids to school and assures her that he isn't going anywhere. They kiss but when he pulls back, it's a different Philip.

Yasmine comes over and tries to reassure Annie. Yasmine doesn't perceive anything different about Philip, Sean, and Tess. In turn, Annie doesn't recognize the furniture in the house, which is much more expensive than anything they could afford. Nonetheless, she decides to try to adjust to her new "perfect" family. At dinner that night, she drinks wine while the family talks about their day and how well they're doing. Sean talks about being in Little League: something Annie's "Sean" never did. She goes out to the kitchen and finds a Mother's Day card from "her" children, and Czonka watching her. When she goes back out to the dining room, she hears her "family" talking on their stairs. Philip is planning to have her committed.

Annie stumbles over a piece of furniture and they hear her. She runs out the back door and finds herself in a strange void that leads her to the front door. She runs back outside and somehow finds herself in the kitchen where her new "family" are waiting for her. She runs out the back door again and finds herself in the living room. Annie looks at the photo and sees that she's been replaced as well. Everything starts to swirl as she screams in terror. Philip comes into the room… and embraces his new wife, the one from the photo.

A little girl watches them on a computer screen. She saves the file in the digital family game and goes to dinner, her upgrades to the program complete.