A Twin Peaks Community
ABC (ended 1991)
The episode opens with Cooper helping the old lady, who's more than delightful.

Then a friend of Dougie's shows up.

Cooper wants to go home and his friend reminds him where he lives, saying he always recognizes Dougie's house becuse it has a red door.

But then Cooper's brought to the manager's room.

This guy really doesn't want to give Cooper the money.

Cooper parrots and charms his way out of every situation.

Somehow he manages to get "home" where an angry but endearing Naomi Watts is waiting for him.

Then she lets Dougie/Cooper have it.

Later she's visibly appeased when she realizes her husband didn't come home empty-handed.

Her mood quickly changes.

Kyle MacLachlan is an absolute joy to watch as the adult sized baby version of Cooper.

Gordon Cole meets with FBI Chief of Staff Denise.

Someone tell David Lynch he's too cute for this world.

Back at Twin Peaks, Sheriff Truman scares Lucy when he walks in while they're talking on the phone.

These two.

Later we witness Bobby Briggs' feelings when he sees Laura's photo.

It goes on for a while.

Then the best thing happens and Wally comes to visit his parents and Sheriff Truman.
Just bear with me (and Wally.)

Yes, now we can move on.

Cooper has a message from Mike.

That reminds Cooper he has to go.

Then his son Sonny Jim shows him some support.

Then it's breakfast time.

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