Twin Peaks

Season 2 Episode 8

Episode Fifteen "Drive With A Dead Girl"

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1990 on ABC



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    • Jerry Horne: Sheriff... no offense, but clearly this man's stairs do not reach the attic. Now, your 24 hours are up! You either charge my client or let him go!
      Sheriff Truman: Ben Horne, I'm charging you with the murder of Laura Palmer.
      Ben: Yeah. Good move, Jer!

    • Agent Cooper: The trail narrows, Diane. I'm close, but the last few steps are always the darkest and most difficult...

    • Log Lady intro:

      Food is interesting. For instance, why do we need to eat? Why are we never satisfied with just the right amount of food to maintain good health and proper energy? We always seem to want more and more.

      When eating too much, the proper balance is disturbed and ill health follows. Of course, eating too little food throws the balance off in the opposite direction and there is the ill health coming at us again.

      Balance is the key. Balance is the key to many things. Do we understand balance? The word "balance" has seven letters. Seven is difficult to balance, but not impossible if we are able to divide. There are, of course, the pros and cons of division.

    • Cooper: Diane... 10:00 a.m. at the Great Northern. I've just been in a hotel room with the One-armed Man... or what's left of him. In another time, another culture, this man would have been a seer, a shaman priest... possibly a leader. In our world, he's a shoe peddler, and lives in the shadows.

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