Twin Peaks

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode Four "The One-Armed Man"

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 03, 1990 on ABC

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  • The hunt for Laura's killer continues.

    Cooper follows up his dream of a suspect by meeting the one armed man named Phillip Gerard. However, the man is unable to give Cooper much clues for his composite sketch of the killer. Norma’s husband gets released from prison. We see an interesting conversation with Donna and Audrey about Laura’s past possibly working in the club 100 Jacks. This is an interesting conversation that they decide to keep secret for the moment. We also see the secret relationship with Bobby and Shelly Johnson get hot and heavy. Everybody has a secret in this town and no one is innocent. As Cooper pointed out in the pilot, Bobby didn’t love Laura. Then again Laura has a secret history of her own. Cooper finds the bloody shirt that Leo tried to bury but it was planted by Bobby so Leo could go to prison. Madeleine Ferguson,Laura's cousin meets James for the first time. The twist in this episode was the missing necklace and then this find about Laura being attacked by a bird. Overall, this episode was decent but not much action. This is an episode served to deliver even more backstory and plot twists for later.
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