Twin Peaks

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode Nine "Coma"

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 1990 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Mrs. Tremond's grandson looks remarkably like a young David Lynch, which isn't all that surprising since he is actually Lynch's son, Austin Jack Lynch.

    • This episode takes place on: Saturday, March 4

    • The woman who plays the One Eyed Jack's girl with the vaccum is assistant art director Julia Bell. Her image was also used on the "Miss Twin Peaks" flyers later in the season.

  • Quotes

    • Andy Brennan: Listen to me, Lucy Moran, you just listen. When the Tacoma Sperm Bank was looking for donors, naturally I applied. It's my civic duty and I like whales. A routine physical examination revealed that I'm sterile. Sure I thought it meant that I didn't have to take a bath, but the doctors told me the truth. They told me I can't have babies. So what I wanna know now is why are you having one and how?

    • Cooper: Who shot me, Albert?
      Albert: My men are interrogating the hotel guests, the usual bumper crop of rural know-nothings and drunken fly-fishermen. Nothing so far. Oh, the world's most decrepit room service waiter remembers nothing out of the ordinary about the night in question, no surprise there. Señor Droolcup has, shall we say, a mind that wanders?

    • Cooper: Ronette Pulaski has woken from her coma.
      Albert: And?
      Cooper: I'm thinking she's gonna have quite a story to tell when she regains the ability to speak.
      Albert: So she's not talking?
      Cooper: Waking but silent. Probably shock. I'm going to show her the sketches of Leo Johnson and Bob, the man Sarah Palmer saw in her vision. The man who came to me in my dream.
      Albert: Has anyone seen Bob on Earth in the last few weeks?

    • Cooper: Buddhist tradition first came to the land of snow in the fifth century AD. The first Tibetan king to be touched by the Dharma was King Hathatha Rignamputsan. He and succeeding kings were collectively known as the Happy Generations. Now some historians place them in the Water Snake Year, 213 AD. Others in the year of the water ox, 173 AD. Amazing isn't it? The Happy Generations.
      Albert: Agent Cooper, I am thrilled to pieces that the Dharma came to King Ho-Ho-Ho, I really am, but right now I'm trying hard to focus on the more immediate problems of our own century right here in Twin Peaks.
      Cooper: Albert, you'd be surprised at the connection between the two.
      Albert: (deadpan) Color me amazed.

    • Log Lady intro:

      As above, so below. The human being finds himself, or herself, in the middle. There is as much space outside the human, proportionately, as inside.

      Stars, moons, and planets remind us of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Is there a bigger being walking with all the stars within? Does our thinking affect what goes on outside us, and what goes on inside us? I think it does.

      Where does creamed corn figure into the workings of the universe? What really *is* creamed corn? Is it a symbol for something else?

    • Albert: I performed the autopsy on Jacques Renault. Contents of the deceased's stomach revealed beer cans, a Maryland license plate, half a bicycle tire, a goat, and a small wooden puppet. Goes by the name of Pinocchio.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "The Buck Stopped Here"
      The sign hanging under a stuffed buck's head in Harry's office is a play on a famous quote by President Truman.

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