Twin Peaks

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode One "Traces To Nowhere"

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 1990 on ABC

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  • Meet Bob

    A fairly relaxed episode that concentrates almost entirely on developing the relationships between the various characters. The "Lynch" quotient is low but thankfully this episode is not as "soapy" as the pilot.

    Up first, we have the positively steamy meeting of Cooper and Audrey Horne over breakfast. Audrey shows an unmistakable interest in Cooper while he tries his best to ignore her radiant sex appeal. Loved the shoes.

    I like the easy chemistry between Cooper and Sheriff Truman. It's only the first proper episode of the series and already the two of them have gelled, with Truman playing the perfect straight man to Cooper's idiosyncratic oddness. Speaking of which, doesn't Cooper remind you of a young David Lynch, with his "aw-shucks" mannerisms and his obsession with capturing his thoughts (no matter how trivial) on tape in an unending stream of consciousness?

    Other important relationships that are fleshed out include the creepy abusive Shelly/Leo marriage, the adulterous affair between Benjamin Horne and Catherine and the Truman/Josie and James/Donna romances.

    The dinner scene between Bobby and his military dad and mousy mom is a hysterical twist on the misunderstood teenager theme. We have the outwardly stiff military officer in full uniform offering Bobby fatherly advice with the cold precision of a trained psychotherapist. Great writing. I always loved the Major's speeches.

    The last scene with Leo taking a bar of soap to Shelly is brutal without showing any overt violence. The plastic sheeting on which Shelly collapses is a nice touch and serves as yet another pointer to Leo as being the killer.

    Oh, we actually meet the killer in this episode. His name is Bob and he hides behind a couch. You might think that I have ruined the surprise with this revelation, but actually I haven't.
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