Twin Peaks

Season 1 Episode 8

Episode Seven "The Last Evening" (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 23, 1990 on ABC

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  • As you can hear from the ambient sound around me, and I notice with some relief, that the Icelandic group staying on my floor has either checked or passed out.

    What a season finale! Cooper gets into some serious trouble. And just about anything and everything we've been building up to throughout season one finally happens, with unforeseen consequences for the characters.
  • The Last Evening

    Not a groundbreaking episode by any means, the gunshot cliffhanger at the end is about as cliched as they come, even for the time, but this was still a solid end to the show's initial season.

    They introduced a whole new bag of issues and that's what you want from a season finale.
  • Three Sharp Notes

    The mother of all cliffhanger episodes. Writer Mark Frost seemingly throws in as many separate clifhangers as is humanly possible in 47 minutes, with a body count that must have filled every hospital bed available in Twin Peaks. It's a wild, frenetic ride that gallops from scene to scene with reckless abandon, ending with Cooper taking three slugs to the belly.

    This is an excellent episode with several surprisingly Lynchian moments. The opening shot of a Hawaiian sunset is deliciously incongruous but opens up to reveals that it is merely a decorative wall in Jacoby's office. The transition from the close up of Jacoby's open eye to the roulette table at OEJ's is brilliant and really sets the tone for this episode. The extreme close-up of Jacques' fleshy mouth as he recounts the debauchery of Laura's last night is especially chilling and very, very effective. The follow-up close-up of Cooper's face showing his barely contained disgust and horror at Jacques' tale is another classic moment. Also, check out the horns that seemingly sprout from Hank's head as he blackmails Josie into becoming his unwilling partner.

    I love how Cooper scores a blackjack hand with eight cards. "Mother always said I was born lucky." Funny stuff. And what is with the humpbacked gnome who adjusts Audrey's lingerie before scooting out through a secret back door? Hilarious!

    All in all, a great episode that is marred only by some small technical glitches (some of the more significant shots show some blurring and there are are a few dodgy transitions). I fondly recall feeling completely upended after seeing this for the first time on network television. It's one of the great season closers.