Twin Peaks

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode Three "Rest In Pain"

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27--Laura's Funeral
Audrey is dressed in red standing in the hall as Cooper comes down the hallway for breakfast. They meet in the dining room and they sit together. Cooper gets her to write her name down and realizes that she wrote the note to him about One Eyed Jack's. She explains what One Eyed Jack's is and that Laura worked at the Horne's Department Store perfume counter with Ronette. Cooper tells her that her personality leans toward romance because of the slant in her writing. Just then, Lucy and Truman walk up and sit and he asks Audrey to leave. Cooper then goes on to order two more coffees for the two newcomers and then orders a large breakfast of pancakes and ham. Truman asks about the killer and Cooper explains the night's dream saying that the two of them were there. They got a call from a one-armed man named Mike who lead them to the killer, BOB, and that Mike cut his arm off to stop the killing and that he also shot BOB. Cooper goes on to explain where dreams come from, and then tells them that it was 25 years later and he was in a room with a midget and a beautiful woman, who looked just like Laura Palmer. The midget danced, and Laura kissed him and then whispered the name of the killer in his ear, but upon waking he has forgotten the name. The job is simple, Cooper says, "Break the code, solve the crime." Suddenly, Andy comes onto the police radio and says that there is a fight at the morgue.
At the morgue, Albert and Dr. Hayward are arguing. Albert explains that he has compassion coming out of his nose but that he cannot release the body until he finishes running tests. Cooper and Truman show up to put a stop to the fight. Then a fight ensues between Albert calls Truman a boob and a chowder headed yokel. Truman says that he's had enough and punches Albert, who goes flying onto Laura's body. Truman leaves the room at Cooper's request. Dale then forces Albert to release the body for the funeral. The others leave and Cooper spends a moment looking sadly at Laura.
Leland is getting a sedative and watching "Invitation to Love" as the doorbell rings and Laura's cousin, Maddy, walks in. On the TV, the plot involves two sisters who are played by the same actress.
At the Double R, Norma meets with Hank's lawyer. Hank could be released very soon and he needs Norma's help to get out of prison where he has been serving a sentence for manslaughter.
Cooper is watching a group of ducks on the lake as they walk to the Johnsons' home. Leo is cutting wood and Cooper asks him a few questions. Leo says that he was on the road the night of Laura's death and he had called from a pay phone to talk to Shelly.
At the Briggs' house, Bobby is looking at a crucifix when his father walks in to talk about funerals and how to deal with them. Major Briggs tells Bobby not to be afraid but Bobby threatens to turn the entire thing upside down as his mother walks in asking, in a high chipper voice, if they are ready to go.
At the station, Hawk tells Cooper he can't find the One Armed Man. Albert is in the conference room and gives him this info:
Cocaine found in diary
Cocaine in her system
Fibers of twine (two types) and also found at the train car. Laura was tied up twice on that night, once by the wrists and once around the upper arms, behind her back.
Traces of pumice from industrial soap
Wounds on neck and shoulder by bites of a bird
Small piece of plastic with the letter "J" on it.
Upon hearing the description of how Laura was tied, Cooper remembers the line that Laura speaks in his dream: "Sometimes my arms bend back."
Truman leaves the room when Andy walks in and Albert stops to talk to Cooper. He asks him to sign a form/report about the assault by Truman. Cooper refuses to sign and Albert becomes upset. He leaves and Cooper talks to Diane about purchasing a piece of property.
At Big Ed's home, Nadine thanks him for the wonderful night the night before. James comes in and says he will not be coming to the funeral and then leaves the house.
At the Great Northern, Dr. Jacoby gets Johnny to take off his Indian tribal hat while Sylvia and Ben argue about their son as Audrey listens in a small section behind the wall.
At the funeral, a group of people stand around the coffin as the preacher prays. Cooper looks around and notices that James has appeared. The preacher ends his sermon with Johnny yelling, "Amen!" Then Bobby starts to rant against the hypocrisy of the funeral by telling everyone that they all knew she was in trouble and that they all killed her. He then sees James, who is standing a bit apart from the crowd, and goes after him, yelling "You're a dead man!" A group of men hold each of them back from fighting. As this happens, Leland breaks down crying and falls on the coffin as it goes up and down and Sarah calls after her husband asking him not to ruin this too.
That night at the Double R, Shelly makes a joke about Leland falling on the coffin and uses a napkin holder to show two men what happened. Cooper comes in and sits down with them. Norma takes their order, and after she leaves Cooper asks Ed how long she and Norma had been seeing each other. Truman, Hawk, and Ed tell him about The Bookhouse Boys, a secret society who are sworn to fight an evil out in the woods. They then take Cooper to the Bookhouse. There, Cooper sees James and a number of others who have caught Jacques' brother, Bernard, who was smuggling drugs into town across the Canadian border. Up at the Roadhouse, Jacques sees a flashing red light on top of the building and runs to a pay phone to call Leo for help. Leo leaves the house just as Shelly arrives. She pulls a small handgun from her purse and hides it in the kitchen.
Cut to Pete's home where Josie and Truman are talking. There is something wrong and Truman knows it, but Josie says nothing is wrong. She ends up telling him that something horrible is going to happen to her because of Catherine and Benjamin. Through the speaker monitor, Catherine is listening to their conversation. Josie goes to the safe to show Truman but now there is only one ledger, Catherine has the other. She hides it her desk as Pete comes in. She then tells Pete, "The next time you and the Merry Widow want to take a peek inside my safe be a man about it. Ask me to my face."
At the graveyard, Cooper finds Dr. Jacoby at Laura's grave. They talk briefly about the dead girl. Jacoby says that he is a terrible person because he doesn't care about people's problems anymore. He thought no one could ever reach him again, but Laura changed all that.
Back at Pete's, Josie and Truman are holding each other and she explains her fears that Ben wants the land the mill is now on. Harry assures her that everything will be okay and they kiss and lay on the floor.
With a full moon in the sky, Cooper and Hawk are talking at the Great Northern. Cooper asks Hawk whether he believes in a soul, and Hawk says that he believes in several. Blackfoot Legend describe souls that give light to the mind and body, and also a wandering soul that walks in the Land of the Dead. Suddenly the music changes to an up-tempo jazz number, and Leland starts to dance by himself. He goes around the floor, begging for someone to be his partner as the two cops toast to Laura. When they notice Leland's distress, they try to calm him down and he breaks down crying. Cooper suggests that they take him home and Leland says, with tears in his eyes, "Home....home....home...."