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A note about spoilers

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    Just a quick note to suggest that we start being very careful about spoilers on this forum.  With the second season DVD set just about to release, it's likely that we'll see a whole new batch of Twin Peaks fans showing up.  These folks may never have seen the whole series, and may just be looking for company and guidance as they explore the woods around our favorite little logging town.

    I would suggest that we start thinking of the show as if it were currently airing.  We can talk about spoilery stuff all we want, but let's just take the time to label any thread that reveals any secrets with "(SPOILERS)" and avoid spoilers in the thread titles themselves.

    I've renamed some threads to include the spoiler warning, and I'll do so whenever new ones crop up that would reveal plot points or answers.  But if we can try to just be a little careful, it might make the experience of Twin Peaks a little better for some of our new members.

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