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Palmer murder or Windom Earle?

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    [1]Sep 11, 2009
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    Which storyline did you like the best?

    I liked the whole "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" thing. I only recently watched the series and then the movie but I liked them both very much. Very David Lynch!

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    [2]Sep 12, 2009
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    I'll go with the Palmer murder as well.
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    [3]Sep 13, 2009
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    Same. Definitely the Laura Palmer murder storyline. I found the Windom Earle storyline to be far more dull in comparison.

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    [4]Oct 5, 2009
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    Wow, I don't see how this question could be answered any other way than with the obvious. The Laura Palmer murder mystery is what defines Twin Peaks as a show. Without the studio pressuring David Lynch to wrap up the story for eager audiences we would have never been left with the crap that became the final half of season two and unfortunately the end of the series. The overlapping black/white lodge themes are of course interesting, and without Windom Earle we would not have had Agent Dale Cooper's final showdown with his doppelganger and Bob in the Red Room, and of course no creepy "How's Annie?" memories... but without the death of Laura Palmer there would be no Twin Peaks. Period.

    Who is to say what may have happened if the killer was never revealed? I'm sure that at some point the history between Earle and Cooper would have been brought to light, much as it is in Cooper's autobiography, but the buildup to Earle was completely non-existent. The character of Annie never really sat well with me either. If Earle was looking for vengeance for the death of his wife, I understand trying to hurt Cooper by taking something precious to him, but Annie was also introduced so quickly that it was impossible for viewers to fall in love with her or to believe that Dale had. This is another situation where Lynch's original ideas would have panned out so much better. I would forgive the sudden introduction of Earle if to bait Cooper, he had kidnapped Audrey Horne (Cooper's suggested love interest for season two) instead of another shoddily introduced character like Annie.

    The reason why the "Who killed Laura Palmer?" mystery worked so well was that basically everyone in the town was a suspect, and every episode made the viewer certain that they had it all figured out. Even right up until the reveal, there are red herrings all over the place. There really was no suspense with Windom Earle's story what I'm really curious about is where did Colonel Briggs end up when he disappeared? Are we to assume that he possibly made contact with the beings in the white lodge? If so then the message from Mrs. Palmer in the series finale hopefully was enough to send Briggs on a rescue mission to save Cooper from Bob. Now that's a third season I would have liked to have seen.

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    [5]Jan 11, 2010
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    The storyline of "Who kill Laura Palmer" is much better than Windom Earle storyline.

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    [6]Feb 7, 2011
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    Wow I guess I get to be the one person out on a ledge who says they actually preferred the Windom Earle storyline. I just finished watching all of Twin Peaks for the first time. I didn't watch it during its original airing (mainly because I was still in diapers) so while I was vaguely aware of the media attention and criticism it got, I didn't experience it firsthand.

    I read all these comments about how people hated the second season and how it was awful once they solved the Palmer murder. While things were very rushed in that back half of season 2, I really enjoyed the insanity of it. I actually found the Laura Palmer murder to be dull at times. Probably because you don't know Laura, you're just getting to know the characters, and the more you learn about her the less you like her. So I guess I wasn't as invested in solving her murder, while I was genuinely concerned about the characters by the second season. Maybe it was because I came in with such low expectations for the Windom Earle storyline, but I didn't hate it and think it's not nearly the trainwreck others make it out to be. I just wish we could have seen the two storylines given more time to develop naturally.

    I also think I'm still feeling the aftershocks of the big Lost finale. After Lost's finale inadvertently retroactively soured the show for me, I am very hesitant with series finales. Twin Peaks, rather, stayed true to itself in my opinion and (while rushing things quite a bit) it didn't veer off into some completely different territory that had nothing to do with its prior mythology. But specifically why I preferred Windom Earle to the Palmer murder is simply my personal taste - I'm a sucker for psychotic evil geniuses. Smile

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    [7]May 11, 2012
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    Laura Palmer's of course. That one was totally epic. And it's so legendary now.
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